Review: Nan in Love

Podcast 2 of 3, explores with aural joy, the mystery of why a great never got published for 40 years

Review: Misfits

An important play, tackling the deadly serious with laughter that all too easily could lead to stark tragedy.

Review: Ghosts

The ultimate guilty pleasure, and not necessarily in a good way, as the slavery past of Glasgow is blown open in a gentile narrative manner

Review: Scammed

A two handed exploration on the fear that comes from unknown calling.

Review: Twenties

A rights of passage story which manages to tell the salutary tale of enthusiasm over experience.

Review: Selene

A beautiful film about a trio of people connected by relationships which resolves over time

Review: Three Stages

Three musings on loss and bereavement beautifully captured in poetry, monologue and song.

Review: Rapunzel

A great festive tale, told with gusto and guile

Review: In Dreams I

A musing on identity and the Scottishness we claim is inclusive

Review: Magic Gareth

A wonderful children’s half hour of magic and a big personality that is a delightfully child friendly experience

Review: I told my mum I was going on an RE trip

A verbatim run around the issues of terminations with the voices of young people who know, which does touch you as a parent and reminds you of the responsibility of parenthood.

Review: In Her Shadows

An enticing and haunting exploration of living with a mental health condition that excels in its ability to make the claustrophobic nature of mental ill health clear.

Review: The Ruins of Empires

A fantastical run through the falls of Empires and how we, as subjects, can and should rise up and take the advantages back for the common good.

Review: Fatbaws

A very impressive self filmed and performed allegory of the threat posed by those who try to invade our gardens and rule the roost.

Review: Alone

A subtle and highly effective reawakening of a woman who always was.

Review: Desperately Seeking The Exit

The notorious tale of the making and unmaking of Peter Marino's West End-Blondie-Madonna musical “Desperately Seeking Susan”