Review: Yolk and Aliens

A film installation which explores multi-generational memories shared between mother and daughter and daughter and mother.

Review: Ghosts

The ultimate guilty pleasure, and not necessarily in a good way, as the slavery past of Glasgow is blown open in a gentile narrative manner

Review: Europe

Europe’s border challenges have rarely been realized with this power.

Review: Flight

A lyrically told story of child refugees

Review: Underground Railroad Game

The most radical piece of American theatre I’ve seen, and certainly the bravest. See it.

Review: The Archive of Educated Hearts

A glimpse into the lives of four women, through photographs, stories, and voice overs which catalogue their personal reflections along the path to living fully and letting go.

Review: Pigspurt’s Daughter

Guardian obituary, 2008. ‘Ken Campbell was one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the past half-century.’ It just happens that his daughter Daisy is both that and far more. She’s one of the most cunning crafters of comedy and storytelling in the anti-business

Review: Grimly Handsome

If you want theatre to change your life a little and wonder where our DNA and urges trek to, you could do infinitely worse than shiver here.

Review: In Memory of Leaves

On a moored barge Natasha Langridge re-enacts her own In Memory of Leaves updated from a run last year to include this year’s tumultuous events. This is a fine, necessary work inevitably in progress. Let it settle in the water a bit more, and glitter.

Review: The Kid Stays in the Picture

In the best sense this production’s stupefying, a spectacle shot through with theatrical tropes suggests that, if Evan’s revelations could be more frequent, Kid would be dramatically breathtaking too. And it is thrillingly itself.

Review: Oil

This is a fabulous tale. Duff’s portrayal, tightrope-walking tenderness over an abyss of fear and atavistic decisions, forms the long burning-down wick of the play. Necessary theatre, and Hickson’s decision to focus on the mother-daughter axis underscores a neat parable of what we say we love, and how it might really love us back.

Review: Séance

A heart racing, experiential piece of theatre

Review: Here All Night

Sam’s all night shiner, Beckett’s Wake and Cabaret. Haunting, funny, unmissable.

Review: Insomnia

Superbly conceived speculative gambit by ZLS Theatre. Prepare to be immersed.

Review: Broken

A work in progress that looks at preparation for an apocalypse

Review: Borderlands

Meditative and mysterious performance set in the beautiful grounds of Dryburgh abbey

Review: Huff

There is enough to frighten, or at least disconcert, even the bravest cynical adult and kids.

Review: The Tin Forest

A half hour of mixed media delight that hits a spot

Review: Daydream

An installation to instill calm amid the Fringe

Review: Uta Uber Kool Ja

Don't touch the Diva or take her photograph, unless she demands it.

Review: Blind Date

Chivalry is not dead!

Review: Kin

Review: The Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick lives

Review: Jane Bom-Bane’s House

A frothy and frivolous exploration through a musical fun-house.

Review: Land’s End

Video, installations and live performance combine to tell an intriguing story in two languages

Review: And the Birds Fell From the Sky

Formally inventive and genuinely unsettling, this is a truly original piece of work

Review: The Observatory

An extraordinary experimental piece demonstrating astrophysics with theatre techniques.

Review: The Time Out

A lovely headphone performance which explore the dynamics of a water polo team

Review: This Is Just To Say

"my senses were fully engaged in that tiny, atmospheric, candle-lit room"

Review: The Unbuilt Room

This site-specific interactive performance will test your patience and perk your curiosity.

Review: Poland 3 Iran 2

History and entertainment meld seamlessly together in this quirky tale of life, political upheaval and sticker collections.

Review: Poignant

Three Argentinian stories are brought to life in a multimedia, sensory space.

Review: Sex Idiot

Absolutely ridiculous: absolute genius.