Review: The Midnight Bell

An outstanding ballet by any standards. One that like its inspiration Patrick Hamilton will last.

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Outdoors, this has grown prodigously. Some actors give transcendent performances up there with London’s finest. Out in the slant air this proves magical.

Review: The Tempest

Café Voltaire in ruffs invokes a magical Tempest.

Review: Silent

Bravura storytelling about fantasy and family from the perspective of a homeless man in Ireland

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Some actors give transcendent performances up there with London’s finest. Out in the slant air this will now prove magical.

Review: Paradise

A sleeping classic in the making

Review: Femme Ta Bouche

A melodramatic revelation and epic journey of self-discovery that is prescient and worthy of a pedestal upon which to put itself.

Review: Shark Week

An amusing and highly engaging short film about someone having to deal with their own menstruation.

Review: Last Easter

After all the uproar, it’s a quiet blinder.

Review: Branching Out

Three very fine and one outstanding work, Scratches – the best kind of play on depression, self-harm, black holes. Because it’s screamingly funny and deeply connected to why we do theatre.

Review: Jekyll & Hyde

The most viscerally convulsive realisation of Jekyll or Hyde imaginable

Review: Sitting Pretty

When you see this show return, it’ll be outstanding, and in the frame for awards.

Review: Living Newspaper #6

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch what this does with the future

Review: New Moon Monologues March

Don’t be lulled by the friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queen of Cups is absolutely a company to watch, and its showcase productions are literally unmissable

Review: Adam

An astonishing performance of a personal journey that whispers in anger leads you to positives humanity throughout.

Review: Lipstick

Performances and play that should turn us upside down. Do make a detour for this brave. tremulously beautiful coming of love.

Review: Present Laughter

The finale is grounded in silences; an almost tragic awareness of the nature of the Essendines’ love. Outstanding.

Review: Toast

A quietly magical production that knows its own truth and serves it hot.

Review: CAMP

From conception to execution this is pure brilliance!

Review: Scottee: Fat Blokes

Transformational physical theatre that challenges and moves

Review: Drone

An affecting and challenging experience of the Trans world within our communities mixed with a fascinating back track and technology mixed right in front of our eyes.

Review: Splintered

Highly effective and gripping Caribbean LGBTQI+ storytelling that effectively reminds us that all rights are to be treasured and campaigned for

Review: Like Orpheus

Queer club culture and surreal movement are married in this rave ridden soliloquy of love in the margins

Review: Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s an outstanding play about sexual identity, choices, and above all what it means to transition.

Review: Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard!

Deliciously provocative, cynical, creative, poignant, entertaining, uplifting, impactful show. Do not miss it!

Review: My Preferred Pronoun is We

Fascinating well crafted show with depth and humor – topical, very well performed, poignant + impactful!

Review: Enough

A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Review: Sirens

Fun, inclusive and feminist

Review: Canoe

Well crafted, performed and directed, spirited, polished, entertaining and moving show!

Review: Grotty

Know the Dalston lesbian scene? Verbally and dramatically as well as breaking new ground, this sings. Do see Grotty at the Bunker and be illumined. It’s rare to see such brutal tenderness laugh itself to the lip of the balcony.

Review: Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth

Wickedly mischievous, creative, joyous, boisterous, lyrical, brash, poetic, funny and entertaining show!