Review: Troy Story

Again the most educative stand-up and a thrilling presentation. Oh and bloody funny on war, male sexuality and the Bechdel Test.

Review: Frankenstein

Imaginative, Exquisitely Haunting and Moving - Visual Storytelling at its best!

Review: Your Alice

A trip down the Rabbit Hole like you've never seen.

Review: The Terrors of the Night

Nashe’s 1594 The Terrors of the Night directed by Jason Morell is a stunning one-off. This imaginative enterprise should be developed perhaps with at least one more actor, and certainly enjoy a niche run. It’s a triumph (both early modern and modern senses!) viscerally realized here with music and floating candles. Let it again feast our horrors, curiosity and uneasy laughter.

Review: Wife

A one woman show following wives through history, art and legend

Review: Brideshead Revisited

Bryony Lavery’s adaptation of Brideshead, the first for the stage dazzles with stagecraft and storyline but something’s lost tail-chasing the detail.

Review: Loud Poets

Bold, loud, passionate and engaging – poetry for the masses with a wonderful energy