Review: Pete Heat: Massive Wizard

A brilliant one man Magic and Mentalism show, using a range of magic tricks and illusions and comedy to puzzle and entertain his audience.

Review: Pigspurt’s Daughter

Guardian obituary, 2008. ‘Ken Campbell was one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the past half-century.’ It just happens that his daughter Daisy is both that and far more. She’s one of the most cunning crafters of comedy and storytelling in the anti-business

Review: Ugly Lies the Bone

Lindsey Ferrentino’s 2015 play Ugly Lies the Bone confronts three issues in one. PTSD and military women power many debates, as does virtual reality therapy. The play’s double thread means fruitful collisions in this open-ended approach suggest a scope that can’t be worked out in either. Despite slightly pat consolations, this drama that readily breaks out of those intentions. Fleetwood’s on stage virtually as it were the whole time, overwhelming in her shuddery defiance.

Review: The Naked Magicians

Deftly administered and hilariously delivered.

Review: Spellbinder: Magic and Mystery

Powerful and impressive mentalism and illusion from a young, up and coming illusionist