Review: The Wrong Planet

There’s a great act struggling out of this blissfully baggy monster.

Review: Infinita

Bittersweet slapstick comedy about the cycle of life

Review: A Brave Face

Theatre where speechlessness translates from the stage and sweeps the audience

Review: A Brave Face

This is a piece for everyone over 10 and should be seen at all costs.

Review: One Woman Alien

I can predict that by the end of its run, this should be the most outstanding one-person show you’ll see in the last week.

Review: Finding Joy

Bittersweet comedy about the relationship between a teenage boy and his grandmother who has dementia

Review: Teatro Delusio

Three actors, 29 characters, a lot of masks, no words - this is theatre of amazing dexterity and skill

Review: Chiaroscuro

A short masked performance giving a tender and intimate glimpse into old age

Review: Paper Wings

Visually rich art , puppetry and dance - unique and beautiful!