PREVIEW: An Invitation to The Vampire’s Ball

Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party! | Children's Shows ...

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie present Vampire’s Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party!


About the show

Billed as “The Greatest Summerween Spooky Celebration in History!”, here is the lowdown: My daughter came home from the Halloween dance last year and said, “They only played 3 total Halloween songs.” I was incensed! So, with Dr. Demento’s favorite artist, Steve Goodie, I wrote 9 new classic Halloween songs. Then, I found zero brilliant Halloween Musical Extravaganzas! I was livid! So, we wrote the most Fun, Spookiest, Creepiest, Craziest, and Family-Friendly Halloween Show EVER!

“From the brilliant minds behind I Can’t Wait, the Complete Harry Potter Compilation (Steve Goodie), and best-selling author of Don’t Feed the Bully, and Halloween Spooky Poems (Brad Tassell), comes the Halloween show that every child howls for and every parent is dying to sink their teeth into. Vampire’s Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party!”

An extra silly & joyous, sing-and-dance-along sensational trip through the “haunted house” which is guaranteed to take the Fringe by storm.

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie have been comedians, musicians, and all-around nutty goofballs for more than 30 years. As a team they are making their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with a show aimed squarely at kids and families who love Halloween all year long. They cannot wait for the world to see this hilarious, crazy, silly, spooky preview of the full show that comes to theSpace in 2021, when this award-winning team presents their first show at the Fringe.

“Vampire’s Ball is the perfect mix of creepy, spooky fun, and friendly for everyone!”
Eric Snow, VP of Entertainment Holiday World
“With song titles like Parts For Frankenstein, Hiding From Ghosts, Zombie Pie and Candy Crazy, these songs are all fun, creepy and will make your party a hit! The songs are family friendly, and are equally loved by children and adults alike.” Westman Reviews

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Dates: 15–30 August 2020
Time: All shows can be watched at anytime
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