Postcard from Kevin, Dominic and Aletia and Two Shows at Edfringe 2019












Next on our FringeReview post mat is a striking postcard from Kevin, Dominic and Aletia  from Shortcut Productions who bring A Queer Love of Dix to the Fringe.

“This five-star show returns to the Fringe following last year’s success. Set in the world of expressionist painter Otto Dix, as Julia Berber – Anita Berber’s fictional sister, Aletia Upstairs explores Weill, Brecht, and Weimar cabaret songs like Alabama Song, Falling in Love Again, Pirate Jenny, Barbara Song, Lavender Song and I am a Vamp. The not-so-famous Berber sister relates the Weimar period to contemporary events with a fair balance of pathos and comedy as well as audience singalongs. London’s leading cabaret artiste extraordinaire, performs and sings up a storm. Simply wunderbar!”

And if that isn’t enough for you, they are also offering Zombie Zoo. “A partially sane imprisoned zombie tries outwitting his zookeeper interrogator, swearing a zombie army is coming to free him. Using film, drama, humour, song and dance, this show’s finale must never be revealed or zombies will devour your brains. Zombie Zoo is a prison complex housing infected soldiers. A recovering zombie who wavers between lucidity and confusion is at war with his zookeeper master. Their relationship hovers between compassion and downright stubborn vitriol until the shocking, exhilarating, surprise denouement. Written by award-winning Kevin Short and starring award-winning actor Dominic McHale. You better believe it, they eat brains!”

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