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Adelaide Fringe 2011

Burlesque Beauties

Mirror Mirror Prodctions

Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret

Venue: Rhino Room 13 Frome St Adelaide


Low Down

If you were hoping for a glimpse of burlesque in Adelaide then you’ve come to the wrong show, but if classy cabaret and well choreographed routines blended with the comic styling of two great comedians is what you’ve after, then this show is for you! Burlesque Beauties invite you to go on a journey of burlesque through time, but instead deliver cruise ship cabaret with great vocals, strong routines and dazzling costumes. A fantastic show but not burlesque!



Produced by Lyra la Belle (Mirror Mirror Productions), Burlesque Beauties take over the Rhino Room for a night of shimmy shakes, cocktails, sassy singing, and high-energy dance routines and stand up comedy; which are all elements of Cabaret. Hosted by comic genius Dave Callan and special guest comedian Marcel Lucont; Lyra la Belle pulled out all the stops to produce a worthy show.


The fifty minute show is fast paced and jams in eleven performances with both singing and dancing…plus the stand-up comedy! Unfortunately, each routine was over and done with before the real tease began. These girls are terrific dancers and offer a great show. That’s all they needed to do. The attempt to “burlesquify” it was not necessary. It was clear the audience interaction was awkward and under rehearsed and the burlesque bits was more of a ‘stripping by numbers’ with each routine repeating the way the clothes came off. When it came time for the “big reveal”, the props were not maximized to their full potential and the reveal was cut short, not allowing the audience enough time to either relish in the gag or give the “Arrougah” cheer Callen had us practicing early on.


The definite highlight of the show is the final routine where all the “girls” perform an emulated dance routine of our current times. In this routine Dave Callen takes centre stage and shows us he’s got more ‘junk in his trunk’ than what we knew!  Yes, we were all definitely not ready for his jelly!!!


The show is impressive and the cast all performed well. Perhaps a change in name would give the crowd a fairer indication about what they are coming to seeing though. Chameleons of Cabaret perhaps?




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