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Adelaide Fringe 2012


presented by Strut & Fret

Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret


 The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Idolize Spiegeltent

Corner of East Terrace and Rundle Road



Low Down

A night of joyous song and dance in the wonderful Spiegeltent, with true moments of tenderness amidst a shower of glitter.


The LoveBirds are neither humans nor birds, but a fantastic creation festooned in feathers and sequins. Locked away and condemned to a life of darkness, they have been freed for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and will take you on a spellbinding journey that provokes nostalgia for a lost, simpler time.

This fantastic show follows the mating rituals of the four LoveBirds, from the pompous pigeon to the love-struck rooster. But within these fun and games, lies elements of undeniable truth. The songs range from seductive to frenetic, playful to sorrowful, and somehow these fine performers manage to bring the audience along for the ride too.

The beautiful Spiegeltent is transformed into a birdly paradise—the stage proudly displaying a glittery-red love heart backdrop that would not seem out of place in a Las Vegas stage show. Artificial tree fronds sit nearby, ready for use as props later, and a fine mist of smoke lingers in the air. The costumes are intricate and mesmerising creations of sequins, glitter and feathers that enhance the mystery of these strange and amazing creatures.

The experience with the LoveBirds is an interesting juxtaposition between the elegant and the tacky, as world-class vocals sit alongside facial beards made of glitter. There is way too much of everything, but also a warmth of spirit that you can’t help but be swept away by. The script is razor sharp, full of wordplay and witticisms, and each song is jammed with double entendres. This show feels like something you shouldn’t love and yet truly do; its playful humour is undeniable.

Laughs come early from the audience, and the first number receives resounding applause, which only increases as the show progresses. The high level of audience interaction is thoroughly enjoyed as the LoveBirds steal kisses and flit through the crowd, gently mocking those sitting nearby.

LoveBirds is full of incredibly perfect singing, dancing that shakes the walls of the Spiegeltent, and a level of energy that is unrelenting and irresistible. Parts of the performance are poetic, and parts make you shake your head wry amusement. The pace, and the magnificent band, never falters. It is completely over the top, but contagious in its freedom, and is well worth a look as part of this year’s Fringe.