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Adelaide Fringe 2013

Fresh Meat

Caos Events

Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret

Venue: Porky’s Spit Bar - 196 Hindley Street, Adelaide


Low Down

Fresh Meat is burlesque cabaret and by sheer coincidence I attended on the evening of International Women’s Day 2013, so through the course of the day I’d encountered all sorts of political, dry, sometimes angry, often circumspect remarks by women stating how men have no idea what it feels like to be sex objects or spoken about in an objectified manner.  Ironic that on the same evening I was surrounded by women hooting and cat-calling handsome semi-clad men who all had a very well defined cut (of meat) in their jib. 


The Fresh Meat show mixes up a combination of elements you’d find in any strip joint with old fashioned fun ideas like having a raffle and playing a version of musical chairs.

It is actually less graphic than "Puppetry of the Penis," most everything is left to the imagination although there were some touchy feely activities that no one complained about amidst shrieks of laughter from the willing contestants.

The Fresh Meat ensemble are five handsome men, all well built with defined muscle and individually distinct features who serve their table-seated audience with food and beverages from a working kitchen and bar. The maestro is Domonic the DJ who keeps the music up-beat, the wise cracks coming and plays the lights to keep the room animated and moody. The Fresh Meat ensemble are clearly a healthy bunch of men and very fit. Not all of them perform as such, some of the guys just wait the tables.

“The Extinguisher” is a gorgeous man (Justin) with innocent blue eyes, fair skin and a flexible body that can deliver great hip hop and jazz dance moves. I’m still not sure how he managed to flip over some lucky women (believe me they thought they were lucky) in the audience without knocking their front teeth out! He bent over, flipped, twisted and flung himself around as he peeled off layers of his Fireman costume and ended in his birthday suit slapping his hearty secret weapon around to the loudly trilling delight of the women and few men in the audience. Top marks for well choreographed debauchery!

“Trojan Horse” a tall blonde and blue eyed fellow with bee stung lips and a smile ‘to die for’ serviced a range of women individually pouring liquor shots into their eager mouths and brushing up against them as they kicked back and enjoyed the attention.

Birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries and an Auntie bringing her nieces out for a bit of a laugh are some of the reasons why the audience flocked in for this example of hot men on parade. Figuratively hot I mean, after all they were topless from the start and ended in their jockey briefs about half way through the night.

Hoop to inflatable cock, lap dances and pick-a-pocket squeeze games were played in between music breaks and feeding times at the tables. All in all this was major fun for the women and ultimately tasteful entertainment.

The venue is clean and spacious with plenty of room for all the activities and the Fresh Meat ensemble were complete gentlemen, posing for special pictures and graciously smiling through moments where some of the women encouraged a little more raunchiness than would be allowable.

It is for the over eighteen set because there was that one massive object “The Extinguisher” deployed to put out the many fires he had started (back to the world of figurative writing,) but the whole show was clean, professional and amusingly entertaining.     


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