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Adelaide Fringe 2013


Strut & Fret, Underbelly Productions and Southbank Centre

Genre: Circus

Venue: The Garden of Unearthly Delights - Paradiso Spiegeltent


Low Down

This mix of internationally renowned performers give everything they’ve got in a smart, funny, energetic, heart-felt and utterly surprising show that is ‘Limbo.’  With high energy music blending from vaudeville to jazz to bluegrass and more, Limbo creates a raw synergy and fusion of art forms and sound, which provides a seductive opportunity for audience’s to suspend their belief while witnessing sheer physical agility. 


It begins with a feather…suspended in time.

Set in the intimate Paradiso-Spiegeltent, the world of Limbo descends on us through charming cool blues and retro hanging yellow light bulbs. Then all is thrown into a party-like frenzy when the neo-marching band struts in with their delirious melodies, raising the energy bar of what’s to be expected.

For those of us who have seen many circus shows, it was a breath of fresh air when each act found ways to go beyond the traditional. From Chinese Pole to hand balancing to trapeze, the artists did well to portray convincing displaced characters. Furthermore, hardly a word was needed in this marvellous show that seamlessly transcended any language barrier. What was brilliant is that the creator’s choreography allowed for the artists’ bodies to communicate the emotion underpinning such gravity-defying maneuvers, which they did with such gusto and commitment.

Also, it was exceptional to see that contortion is not just restricted to young girls in this circus show! Jonathan Nosan (yes, a male adult), took to the stage to bend and contort his body in ways that had many of us cringing while picking our jaws up from the floor!  Bravo!

But looking beyond the acts and band, Limbo is so much more. The transitional sub-acts that kept many entertained while the stage continued to be set and reset with perfect timing and precision were simply lovely. The slapstick, tap dance, singing, rap and farce brought smiles from ear to ear for all.  Adding to this were elements of sword swallowing, fire, magic and illusions, all perfectly awkward and thrilling…what else could you ask for? 


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