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Adelaide Fringe 2013

My One and Only

Acorn Productions

Genre: Mainstream Theatre

Venue: The Bakehouse Theatre (Main Stage), 255 Angas Street, Adelaide


Low Down

What starts as a comical love triangle turns into a menacing tale about a woman and her stalker. This play explores the boundaries of what is acceptable in love and war (or stalking, in this instance) and gradually fuses the two main plots into a dramatic thriller. With superb acting, precise voiceovers, and just the right amount of ponderings about relationships this is an unforgettable play that will have you clutching to the edge of your seat!


Layla is a lonely, insecure woman who goes on a date with Noah without realising his darker side. At first his calls are annoying and childish. She regards them with derision without realising his needy persona mirrors her own behaviour towards Ben, her once upon a time lover that she’s still obsessed with. Noah’s calls become more and more sinister and he starts sending her flowers, gifts, and jewellery, yet she brushes him off to the side while she works out how to win back Ben. When she finally realises that she’s in danger from Noah, she desperately tries to seek help with little success—in her desperation to get rid of Noah and Ben’s wife, she uses Noah’s unrequited love for her to her advantage…but this soon turns into a chilling thriller with unexpected consequences.

Tamara Bennetts is a force to be reckoned with in this thrilling tale of a woman who gets to know her stalker. She brings a touch of Bridget Jones to her character without the clichés; she pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in love and war and evokes a range of emotions. Despite the flaws in Layla’s logic and misguided actions, she was likeable and amusing—she’s the kind of person who stumbles through life desperate to hold onto something or someone for hope.

The script was honest, realistic and rarely missed a beat—although Bennetts was the only actor on stage a number of voiceovers helped the story move forward and gain momentum. The smooth lighting and costume changes on stage added to the ambiance and indicated the time passing, with the occasional voiceover in between to break the monotony.

My One and Only is humorous, chilling and exciting as the story develops—it tells the story of a vicious love affair that has a bittersweet ending. The heroine connects with the audience through her humour and as a result her ignorance to the danger around her is exasperating to watch. However, this was an exhilarating performance as the comedy took a turn to the darker side and had the audience hanging to the edge of their seats during the highpoint of the drama.


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