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Adelaide Fringe 2014

A Storm in a D Cup

Amelia Ryan

Genre: Cabaret

Venue: Garden of Unearthly Delights - Campanile


Low Down

With a gay Dad and transgender stepmother, and work as a an exotic dancer and childrens entertainer on her resume, it’s no wonder Amelia Ryan has found something to sing, and laugh, about.


Amelia Ryan is from Bombo, 121km south of Sydney – I had to look it up – so I cannot even begin to imagine the small community’s reaction when her father announced he was gay and her mother developed a penchant for young lovers. Such were the formative years that set Amelia up to cope with life’s trials and tribulations.

And life has delivered more than its fair share of interesting situations for Amelia to sing about.

Written by Amelia Ryan and accompanied by an exceptional David McEvoy on keyboard, A Storm in a D Cup is a cabaret of sorts, more of a one-woman show, featuring familiar tunes with lyrics rewritten by Ryan to tell the sometimes funny, often ridiculous and occasionally sad story of growing up in Bombo, her years at college in Melbourne, and touring as an actor and singer.  I don’t think we are ever likely to hear Julie Andrews sing Amelia’s version of “A Few of My Favourite Things”.

Overall the performance is very enjoyable although the venue lacks the right atmosphere for what is billed as a cabaret and the stage felt too high for such an intimate space. The actual performance was strong, confident musical theatre and storytelling through the medium of song. Once or twice the words were lost in an attempt to adopt a rapid, rap-style patter, but generally witty, clever and sung beautifully.

Storm in a D-Cup left me wondering, will Amelia’s Prince Charming sweep her off her feet and make for a happy ending? I hope so.

Definitely one for those who like their musical theatre a little bit dirty!