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Adelaide Fringe 2014

The Umbilical Brothers: A KiDs ShoW (Not Suitable for Children)

The Umbilical Brothers

Genre: Mainstream Theatre

Venue: Royalty Theatre - 65 Angas St, Adelaide


Low Down

Dane and Shavid are entertaining children right? Right? Then why is the entire audience made up entirely of adults?


Children’s entertainers Dane (David Collins) and Shavid (Shane Dundas) burst on to the stage for their first dance-along with the kiddies, only the audience seems to be somewhat taller and more, err, developed than they’d expected. With insights into both the on-stage and backstage interaction between the boys we realise things are not quite what they are meant to be.

The first half of the show is largely setting the scene with amusing flash backs but it isn’t until about 30 minutes into the show we are treated to their truly magical vocal sound effects and comedic mime. The highlight was Collins’ version of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, including a verse under water, followed by a somewhat bizarre Brady Bunch/slasher movie scenario.

The Umbilical Brothers own website lists A KiDs ShoW (Not Suitable for Children) as a work in progress and the slightly too long opening and closing makes it lose some pace but all-in-all, a good night out