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Adelaide Fringe 2015

Bazinga! Nerdlesque Nights

Bazinga Burlesque

Genre: Burlesque

Venue: Lion Arts Centre, Adelaide


Low Down

Burlesque requires an incredible amount of skill. It’s a vital mix of circus, dance and eroticism, which can turn in a hair from classy theatre to sleazy strip club. By mixing in a comedian and a rather surreal set of music tracks with some beautiful costumes and quality performers, this piece set out to amuse and delight in equal parts.


The atmosphere at the venue artfully reflected the clubs and drinking dens of New Orleans and Paris, with tables, chairs and a flexible working space for the artists. The bar was much appreciated on a hot Adelaide evening and helped the relaxed atmosphere. There was a huge crowd, clearly containing many returning fans and friends, which helped create a suitable level of anticipation. Comedian Mark Trenwith did an excellent job as the linkman. Witty, lively and urbane, his professionalism whipped up the crowd.  

The show was opened by Stiletto who set the tone for the evening and was very warmly received. AdelaideEverheart picked up the 1940s aspect of Burlesque, giving a delightful, high-octane performance. Other standouts were the two pole dancers, Aquila Star andPrim Brule who showed incredible strength, power and control in their dancing. Lyra la Belle showcased her depth of experience by offering a range of lively characters. The whole show gelled as the standard throughout was high but, for the evening I went to at least, the stand out was Lisa Goldsworthy, whose Hula skills evoked the biggest cheers of the night.

Echoing the powerful thread of circus in Burlesque, Lisa remained dressed throughout, but her ability to suggest eroticism through movement produced thee level of tension that is the hallmark ofsuccessful Burlesque.With an interestingly mixed audience reflecting that very particular space Burlesque holds, the show was lively and engaging. Those audience members invited to participate did so with good grace and much humour.  

Whether you’re just curious about the nature of Burlesque, or a veteran supporter of the genre, Nerdlesque guarantees a congenial evening out, filled with laughter and fun.