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Adelaide Fringe 2015



Genre: Cabaret

Venue: Gluttony - The Lotus Palace


Low Down

A delightful mix of circus and physical theatre acts. Cheeky, sexy and fun!


“The ordinary is outside. Leave your concerns at the door”


Beginning with a musical number by the super-talented Minnie, the scene was set and the ordinary definitely was not inside. Inside was a world of extraordinarily talented performers and a mesmerising and entertaining selection of acts.


The audience was engaged immediately and laughed, gasped and applauded throughout the performance as the performers made the most difficult feats look effortless.

We were treated to such delights as trapeze, balancing, hoop gymnastics, beautiful songs, slapstick tricks, comedy and examples of phenomenal and physical strength.


The show’s professionalism and polish was testament to the amount of effort and time that must have gone into rehearsing. The timing was spot on, the backing music (played live on stage) was the perfect volume always, and reflected the type and intensity of each act.


There is very little audience participation and so you can sit back and enjoy the show, however they still manage to make people part of it and engaged throughout.


A highlight was a routine by two women, cheekily suggestive and captivating. Their bodies entwined as one, in a fluid, expressive display of strength and acrobatics. You couldn’t hear a pin drop as the previously vocal audience was glued to the performers, mesmerised. 


The pace picked up again and kept increasing. There was a 10 minute interval and the intensity continued after the interval with acts becoming more dangerous, more daring and funnier in turn.

Although each act in itself was excellent, what really pulled the whole show together, were the small things. The looks. The gestures. The rolling of the eyes and the exaggerated expressions. So well done and more often than not, hilarious. They segued from act to act so seamlessly and the humour and details seemed well appreciated by the audience that at times was literally whooping with delight.

Add beautiful and detailed costumes, great lighting, special effects and fantastic music, these acts of physical theatre, circus and acrobatics become a stand out performance.