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Adelaide Fringe 2015

The Naked Magicians


Genre: Magic and Mentalism

Venue: Gluttony - The Lotus Palace


Low Down

An entertaining, exciting, cheeky show of magic and hijinx!


Cheeky, fun, naughty, engaging, charming, sexy…and that’s just Chris and Mike….and the actual show? Cheeky, fun, naughty, engaging, charming, sexy……oh and some magic thrown in. And not just thrown in. Carefully choreographed in. Deftly administered and hilariously delivered.

The fun energy was tangible as the audience streamed in. There was a buzz in the air already as if word had got around that this would be a great show. A definite air of anticipation.

The Lotus Palace is a joy as it has individual seats, plenty of room and good sight lines. (It has a bar open during Papillon too, but sadly not during this show).

Chris and Mike began the show in top gear and kept it accelerating. Their clever magic tricks and skills were equalled by their showmanship. Professional and polished always, they took us on a non-stop journey of illusion, music, cheeky innuendo, comedy and pure entertainment.

The sleight of hand was so practised and fluid – it really felt like magic. The audience gasped, applauded and at times was laughing uncontrollably.

There was some audience participation and although they teased the volunteers in a cute way, they were so respectful and funny.

Not to give too much away, but the scene with the straight jackets was just hysterical. So well choreographed, rehearsed and performed. A real highlight of the whole show.

We were left with laugh induced aching jaws and a wonderment that is essential in any magic show. How on earth did they do that? The show is titled, “Naked Magicians” – and did they get naked? – and did they do magic? At the risk of spoiling the climax, I’ll just say “The clue is in the title!”