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Brighton Fringe 2010


Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos

Venue: Freerange


Low Down

Death defying and highly watchable Columbian Circus troupe


You know you’re in for a good time from the outset with Circolumbia – as soon as the raucous shouting backstage builds to a crescendo and they tumble onto the stage you’re already on the edge of your seats.

This is acrobatic mayhem at its Boys in the Hood best! Death defying somersaults performed at great height and with a soundtrack of beat box and regretton (a variation on rap but NOT rap I am reliably informed!).  A strong start sees the men tumble and flip individually and as an ensemble.  Their team playing is brilliant, extremely skilled and performed with precision timing. There’s a tribal atmosphere of game playing and it’s highly infectious – their enjoyment of performing is palpable and it spills over into the audience, especially as they veer closer and closer to the front row.
Just as the world of hoodies and machismo reaches its peak another hooded figure emerges, but this time more diminutive and cautious – this is the perfect time to introduce Leidy Tatiana, her tiny frame belying her strength and prowess.  Her routine on the Frontal Perch, whereby she glides and spins gracefully on a circular metal frame which is balanced on the head of another performer does not seem physically possible – it is an act of immense power and complicity and relies on absolute precision from both artists involved.  
As do most of the acts here to be fair including the perfectly formed tightrope walker and his dance on wire.  The teeterboard finale saw acrobatics being flown high in the air by 2 performers as they jumped in unison on one end of a see saw as the other was catapulted into mid air.  As the air of carnival and voodoo heightened, and candles and masked performers crowded the stage, this Concert Circus reached its climax. The final image of a performer being propelled high into the air to land comfortably on a chair fixed atop a pole was a perfect end to this dynamic Columbian feast.
Performed with passion, dedication and an enormous dose of self-belief this is a jubilant, life affirming show that should not be missed!