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Brighton Fringe 2014

No Weddings but a Funeral

Random Acts Theatre Company

Genre: Site-Specific

Venue: Preston Manor


Low Down

 A promenade production around  Preston Manor where we discover the secrets surrounding the death of Sir Thomas Drew in 1940.


 This is a very enjoyable promenade production through the wonderful Preston Manor. On reading the programme given to us after the show I discover that the show is largely improvised which amazes me.

We meet on the front entrance to Preston Manor and are led around the house by Dr A.B. Down-ton, played by Tig Land who also directs the show, to find out about the mysterious  death of Sir Thomas Drew. Within minutes we are asked to participate in the show when, as we meet the family to pay our respects, Dr Down-ton asks us if anyone would like to pass on to his widow  any  memories of Sir Thomas. There is much amusing verbal interplay with the characters and the audience especially with the maid Fanny Twyce (with a ‘y’) played by Cherie Pruden. Sir Thomas’s second wife and his four squabbling daughters Faith, Chastity, Hope and Perserverence all have their own clearly defined characters who pass on to us their secrets, some of which are quite surprising, even shocking. An old friend of Sir Thomas, Teddy Lovegood, also reveals much about his relationship with Sir Thomas. As an audience we begin by being a bit shy to participate but as the show goes on we become more and more involved with some of the audience even participating in a cooking competition. It really is great fun. The added bonus is going around the amazing Preston Manor which is well worth a visit in itself. There are events over the summer which should be well worth attending.

I have not come across the ‘Random Acts Theatre Company’ before but hope to see them again in the future.