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Camden Fringe 2012

This Was Your Life

Genre: Comedy

Venue: Etcetera Theatre


Low Down


It is a pity it took so long to see This Was Your Life which has been on tour for months now. We have been recommending it and this is well deserved. This is hilarious sketch comedy. It is put together with simple set and costumes so the cast have very little to play with except their ability to morph into different characters and take the audience on a whirlwind journey.


The premise of this production is a games show which cleverly takes on the persona of This Is Your Life but actually instead of celebrating life, the future of each contestant is left in the hands of the audience as to whether they go to heaven or hell. Throughout the show there are catchy numbers and the audience really get into the whole thing. This sort of show is definitely for those who like to participate. The whole audience was in stitches for most of the hour.

One small issue is that the same story of the same guy is told every night with the outcome (heaven or hell) different depending on the audience vote, however it would be nice to see a bit more choose your own adventure here. Perhaps different contestants so a few different scenarios exist which would more than likely create a bit of a following if you knew you would see a completely different show nightly? This is the sort of show that would do very well in Edinburgh. It is contemporary clever sketch comedy that you can see again and again. 

There were only 3 performers and a great deal of roles, which takes some doing to keep it interesting and entertaining. Witty, fluffy fun, which takes you away from the world’s woes for an hour is always welcome on the Fringe! This Was Your Life is well worth a look if it tours some more.