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Camden Fringe 2015

Delicious and Dateless

Nicole Harvey

Genre: Comedy

Venue: The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar


Low Down

A One Woman Comedy Show. Exploring love, friendships and social norms. Running time 60 minutes.


Sweet, Beautiful and funny were my immediate notes that landed on my page as I set to task on writing my review for “delicious and dateless”. Billed as “a one woman show”, “with a hint of stand up” it showcases the variety of skills that Nicole has as a comedic actress. Written, performed and produced by Nicole Harvey, it has narrative with rich depth resonating on a personal level.

After celebrating her birthday the clean up begins and we take a journey from childhood through Nicole’s early twenties and thirties meeting the characters that have shaped Nicole’s past and present.

Certainly a relatable appreciation of women in the dating world of the city of London, “Delicious and Dateless” detail the ever changing politics of the confusing and dysfunctional strategies ever present in procuring a mate. With sexting, online dating and several apps that can be downloaded, what happens when these highly placed procedures fall short of their promise? What happens to the romance?

What I liked about Nicole’s show is that it was honest. The kind of honesty you would have with a friend on the telephone. A female account of the many interactions she has faced, be it with men, society or the expectations of family and friends. Being one of the first acts at the start of this festival, Nicole swam through the set at ease with focus and engaged the audience with strong rhythmic timing, pursuing each vignette.

I enjoyed taking a brief trip through her life. I could have stayed longer. We are able to see exactly where she is going and who she is with quite vividly. One of my favourite moments in the show is when we jet set to Paris, complete with beret and accent (another of her skills), quick-change and we are in a nightclub partying with the DJ.

As Nicole puts on her riding boots and offers an insight into her new man…18 hands… a moment I find both Poetic and symbolic as we reach the final part of this story, all the while remaining humorous. She never loses this objective. Good enjoyable laughter is heard from beginning to end.

“Delicious and Dateless” runs until 6th August during the Camden Fringe Festival 2015. It will soon be  going to Edinburgh. I wish Nicole all the best with this little gem and I am excited for its development in the future.