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Edinburgh Fringe 2009



Venue: C, Chambers Street


Low Down

Nicely staged and acted piece covering a web of relationships between four twenty somethings sharing a flat, sort of Men Behaving Badly meets Friends.


Meet two couples, both in their late twenties, the girls are sisters and the lads were mates before they all got together to form a happy quartet sharing a rather cramped flat where the thin walls permit few secrets. Paul and Amy are trying for a baby, but something isn’t working right, frustrating Amy as her body clock is ticking away too quickly for her liking. Sam and Anna are just enjoying their freedom, although a bit of work might ease their financial worries a bit.

It’s all a bit like Men Behaving Badly meeting Friends with a bit more poignancy and pathos thrown in – a kind of tragic-comedy that focuses on the uncanny ability of people to find some sort of happiness in even the most desperate of circumstances.
Still, it rumbles along quite nicely due in no small part to the excellent acting on the part of this gifted quartet, aided and abetted by clever lighting and sympathetic sound and music effects. That the denouement doesn’t come as a surprise is not down to those on stage as they wring every last drop of feeling from the script that they’ve been given to work with. It’s just that we’ve seen this plot-line before many times and, however good they are, actors can’t hide that little truth from the audience.