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Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Pink Noise by FORK


Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret


Assembly George Square


Low Down

All the elements of a great rock/pop concert where good voices and an equally good sound engineer replace musical instruments … popular song choices, good lighting, visual impact, crowd interaction … 


I have never had the opportunity to sit in the front row at a rock or pop concert before, but this was my vantage point for this show, and so I had the opportunity to watch these four performers really closely … and that’s what I did for the first half of the first song – Madonna’s “Ray of Light” – as I seriously tried to work out if they were in fact making all the individual elements that made up this incredible sound … and they were!  With the assistance of the fifth member of their band, a sound engineer, who constantly pushed buttons, tweaking the effects on the sounds being produced live onstage, and with the occasional use of sampling, this group reproduced a host of popular songs, varying from Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, to Deep Purple, Nightwish, Led Zeppelin and Queen – there was even a nod to the Beatles included.

And the audience loved every minute of it.  We all sang along to our favourite songs, and on a couple of occasions were even part of the harmony, in clever counterpoint sections – in one, while the group sang the chorus of Roxette’s “She’s got the Look”, we sang a section of Beatle’s “Hey Jude”; and a similar counterpointing with Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Queen’s “Radio Gaga”.

This is not just an experience of a musical performance, this includes theatre and comedy as well.  Each of the performers not only sing, but perform as true rock/pop star characters throughout, including the height of rock/pop unique fashion costuming.  Add to that their comedic quips with the audience – all delivered with perfect straight faces … and the magnificent dancing of Mia Hafrén – her Michael Jackson routine was astounding – this group provides an experience that is so complete and rounded that it would rival any of the big established bands touring today.

Coming from Finland, this group tours mainly in the Scandinavian countries, but given the reception they received by the Edinburgh crowd, I’m sure that they will make a return appearance in other parts of Western Europe in the future.  If they do, don’t miss it.