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Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show

Mr Snot Bottom

Genre: Children's Theatre


 Gilded Balloon


Low Down

An hour of snotty fun for kids, Mr Snot Bottom ranges the depths – snot, pop offs, bogies and plenty of bottom references.


Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show is stand up for toddlers and kids. His style is direct and the children talk back – as well as laugh. From the first moment,he is "on our side". 
It feels like Horrid Henry and Roald Dahl territory with a lot of added poo and wee.  And snot. There are a few visual aid projections and they aren’t really necessary. The performer is so connected to his material and the audience that technical niceties are superfluous to the comedy requirements. This might sound picky but surround sound ior, better, sound placement, is needed for recorded farts to be believable. And this charismatic comedian knows how to connect with children and is more than able to deliver many of the effects more physically – that would really lift this to an outstanding show. As soon as Mr Snot Bottom departs from that simplicity of just he and we(e), something is lost in the process. The man himself, who is such a strong comedian.
There’s audience participation as well and this is all done with fun at its heart. And some of the heckles fro toddlers added to the hilarity. But that’s part of the genius of kids when they are flowing along with something. When it was two-way, it was both hilarious and lovey.
The show is staged simply at first, but becomes more elaborate as the hour progresses, as he makes use of video clips, projected animations, and is joined by other performers.  It’s simplicity and directness at the start marks it put as refreshingly different from a lot of the rlsborate and, in some cases, over-elaborated children’s shows on the Fringe. I’d stick with that simplicity throughout.
This is an hour long bum party that had the kids hooting with laughter, one or two heckling they were so engaged, and the adults politely suppressing their inner child with the occasional responsible chuckle. Personally I’d like to have seen even more snot – the show’s theme could really be taken further.  More snot, more bottom, less reliance on the screen. We come to fringe theatre to get away from the box. Mr Snotbottom could deliver this brilliantly as a solo show and I wish he would in future.
It’s hard to keep children’s attention these days and Mr Snotbottom does this ably with vocal and physical delivery that’s full hearted and rooted in clarity and direction.
All that’s needed is engaging material, strong delivery and plenty of loved kids’ themes and they are the magical ingredients packed into this funny and enjoyable hour for children.


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