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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Eden Gate

Produced Moon

Genre: Drama



Low Down

 The year is 2017 and Produced Moon return to the fringe with a new interactive drama.  Most of the population of Edinburgh has been wiped out by a deadly virus.  Survivors are called to assemble at the new Eden Gate facility in hope of finding a safe haven.  But is this new utopia all it seems to be and can you trust the all controlling establishment?



 This interactive drama by Produced Moon, puts you and your fellow survivors in control of driving the narrative.  Our group took a moment to find its feet before running with this infectious show.  As we entered "the facility" we were immersed in their world of rules and procedures complete with an ever growing tension that built through the piece until our frantic finale.  No spoilers! 

The design of the piece is simple and effective. The costume and styling was clear and clean.  More stage dressing could have helped create more of a futurist effect but this did not hamper the show.  We were moved through the piece and the space skilfully and slickly by this experienced company.  Our varied group got stuck in and played along with gusto which definitely made our experience one to remember.  This is not the show for people who want to sit and watch with a beer in their hand. The company have set up strong foundations but it is up to you how much you build on them.
Produced Moon performed at the Fringe in 2013 with The Hawker Papers resulting in a sell out run.  They clearly understand the pressures of Edinburgh and they seem to thrive on it.  
They have worked with the constraints of the festival and have created a wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking drama. They created a safe space, where we the survivors were free to explore the themes and play with them.  
We asked the questions, we worked things out, we decided our fate. Though one survivor did point out that were you building an utopia haven then our rag taggle crew would not have be your first choice! It is a strong contribution to this genre and the company should be very proud. 
Can you survive, and if you can get a ticket, come and play in Eden Gate!


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