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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Luca Wu and Reverse Context Live

Luca Wu and Reverse Context

Genre: Multimedia, Music

Venue: The Space at Symposium Hall


Low Down

“Two artists, two different styles in a unique exciting rock show. Luca Wu is an eclectic singer/songwriter, pianist and composer with a captivating pop/rock sound and international footprint: Luca was born in Italy, lives in London and holds a strong bond with China. Reverse Context is a composer, singer/songwriter active in the avant-garde art in the international arena, performing in festivals such as the Venice Biennale. He leads influences of experimental electronic music into alternative rock. A kaleidoscopic concert that combines sound, lighting and video for an amazing experience that will surprise you!”


This is a show in two overlapping parts. Singer-songwriter Luca Woo delivers intelligent and emotional songs, sitting at a keyboard, accompanied by Reverse Context and offering up tunes about life, influenced partly by his time spent in China. each song is different, rooted in rock, some very Euro in sound, others drawing on electronica, prog and the sounds made famous by the likes of Pink Floyd. These influences don’t feel derivative and Luca Woo has his own unique style, a gritty, earthy voice and some occasionally orchestral rock piano.

Reserve Context feel more art, but the whole proceedings, with projected images above us in the space, and an underlayer of computerised rhythm and samples give the rock sound an experimental, spacey and often industural rock feel.

The space is not right for this show. This should be playing at ten in the evening in a more rock-specific music venue, or even a performance art space such as Summerhall. The Symposium Hall is an excellent music venue. We saw the Mercenary Fiddler there one evening during the Fringe. This, however, is later evening music and just didn’t suit the space. But if this type of music is your thing, it makes for a very different thing to do at the Fringe in the afternoon.

Reverse Context are born of rich guitar, electronic sound, opera-punk, with vocals that demand attention from the corners of Space and then penetrate the floor with intense incarnation.

It all makes for a very impressive hour and the band persevere with a set that is tight, accomplished and imaginative. The show deserves an audience, and that audience might really help this talented and creative collaboration to truly rock  the Fringe.