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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Acéléré by Circolombia


Genre: Circus, Music

Venue: Underbelly Circus Hub


Low Down

“Circolombia took London’s Roundhouse by storm with their explosive debut show, Urban and then Acéléré. Circolombia is no ordinary circus. The sheer power of 13 performers, coupled with mind-boggling skill and a willingness to take terrifying risks, delivers world-class, gravity-defying performances you’ll never forget.”


A large cast of fourteen performers from Colombia fills the stage space of the huge Underbelly Circus Hub Lafayette tent. The performers can’t help sharing their energy and passion for what they do which resonates with the audience. Once the show starts, act after act excites and thrills – the atmosphere is electrifying!

Music is everywhere in this show, the strong Latin beat, wonderful singers and movers make sure that the audience gets some of their spicy rhythm from their culture. The singers are really enthused and so are we. It’s impossible to not feel the rich sound as it reverberates through the space. Songs are sung mainly in Spanish and a salsa dance number is mixed in with a balancing act where hip-hop moves punctuate the salsa sound. Very creative stuff and it’s only the beginning.

A sci-fi inspired act on ropes hauled high so that three performers can wind themselves up in the cord at the same time to techno music is creative in the way the performers take a circus skill, the cord, treble it and then elaborate on it – with a sci-fi theme on top.

There are lots of acrobatic moves in Acéléré – in one acrobats tumble, do synchronized hand balances overhead and a three person high balance with one porter standing firmly on the ground supporting one person on his shoulders and then a third carefully climbs on top of the second one’s shoulders. Edgy head balances add suspense and keep us on the edge of our seats.

An act where a performer is suspended only from his neck while he is raised up high and then includes his partner is absolutely stunning! This is a rarely seen skill, which makes the daring quality even more spectacular. It’s a bit sultry too!

A teeterboard is brought out and acrobats run, jump and before you know it another acrobat at the other end is propelled high into the air. It’s playful, boisterous and vibrant with street-smart theatrical set ups. There’s also the acrobat who swings on a thick rope high, she thrills us as she does daring athletic moves with vigor. There’s much more to see in this circus show that will surely dazzle.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to share the warmth and culture of these skilled artists. They include a couple of death defying and innovative acts that are rare because of their difficulty and not always on the usual bill of fare in today’s theatrical or traditional circus shows, so it’s worthwhile to go and be awed by them if you enjoy circuses. In addition the modern Latin vibe to this show is creative and enthuses everyone. In fact, the audience did not leave for quite a while after the bows on the night I attended – a good time was certainly had by all!