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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

The Imaginary Radio Show

Drennon Davis

Genre: Multimedia

Venue: Just the Tonic at the Mash House


Low Down

Music, sketch and beatboxing to introduce you to some unnecessary mash ups


The Imaginary Radio Show is a fast paced, mind-boggling technical masterpiece of videos, beat-boxing, crazy songs and patter that you will never forget and have one hell of a time figuring out. Drennon Davis who masterminded this accumulation of smart remarks , clever sayings and references to modern culture gone wrong begins by telling us he thinks about death a lot. Then comes a series of radios shorts, mock ads and segments of programs you never imagined you would hear about, all making fun of what is or could be heard on the radio. A puppet appears who says ”My name is DD and I have a problem taking to real people.”

We hear “BBC America: We cater to what British people sound like to Americans…” and “This is Retro Radio because everything new sucks.” How about: “Classical music for your sanity because the rest of the world is crazy.”

Rapid fire comments are interspersed with antics on stage as Jim Hickox, Nick Stargu, Zack Sherwin, Nick Vatterott run on and off the stage in weird, wonderful exaggerations of what we listen to every day. In this show, you will hear a country song about the only Republican left in San Francisco, a party rock song telling us to drink beer like a baby deer, a spooky song about gay ghosts haunting southern homophobes and lots of musical impressions including a mash-up of the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys. There is a heavy metal song about regular magic and a DJ that is a puppet, proving that anyone can DJ, not to mention a commercial for David Lynch’s new fragrance “ominous fear”.

You get the idea. It is a laugh a second with one parody following the other so fast you haven’t had time to finish laughing at the first one.

If you want a zany hour and you are ready for anything bizarre and unexpected, Drennon Davis and his Imaginary Radio hour is for you.