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Adelaide Fringe 2012

A Donkey and a Parrot

A young girl narrates her ancestors’ swashbuckling adventures with gusto and pride

Am I Good, Friend?

A zany comedy from a talented newcomer is a potent blend of physical comedy and philosophy


Buckle up—the road of life just got bumpy.


An exploration of two ubiquitous philosophies—sleep and memories

Back of the Bus

A Kanga Bus Tour That Kicks

Blind Tasting

A unique blend that is delicately flavoured with humour, nostalgia, whimsy and heartbreak with a bold finish and satisfied palate

Clown Lights Stage

When walking on stage in your undies becomes reality


Shakespeare’s Henry VI is given a 21st century twist

Driving Miss Daisy

A successful adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning play about the friendship between the stubborn Miss Daisy and her loyal driver Hoke.

Eastend Cabaret: The Revolution Will Be Sexual

Hilariously dark and dirty songs ensure satisfaction for all involved

His Ghostly Heart

Sitting in the shadows of love.

I Heart Jack

An ageing cabaret singer, a young socialite, and a gigolo named Jack tell their stories through an interesting mix of mediums

Imperial Fizz

Happy Hour has never been so sophisticated, witty and effusive

Jane Austen is Dead

There is a little Jane Austen in all of us

Love Child by Joanna Murray-Smith

Two women search for companionship and common ground in this poignant, dramatic play with an astounding twist that will leave you speechless


A fabulous, sparkly cabaret that is contagiously entertaining.


An appropriately eerie re-telling of Stephen King’s tale of obsession

Nostalgia for Reality

This sort of theatre is not for everyone


A very entertaining show featuring a range of musical styles.

Queer: The Wicked Webs We Weave

Scenesters set the scene well considering that the setting of the scenes themselves lacked lustre.

Re-Wed: The Marriage of Flavio and Isabella

A mischievous commedia of errors as miscommunication and mishaps befall a marriage

Scaramouche Jones

Real, powerful and darkly funny!

Shadows of Angels

A raw narration of life in the slums for women in 1920s Australia.

SOAP – The Show

Lather up with SOAP’s sensational bathtub circus!

Sons and Mothers

A moving and uplifting account of that most intimate relationship


‘Why was I born so delicious?’

The 1/4 Pounding

We are the generation of choice, but sometimes life has a funny way of choosing for you

The Big Bite Size Soirée (Menu 2)

Big laughs in bite-size plays

The Big Bite-Size Soirée

Big characters in bite-size plays

The Disappearances Project

Disturbing but poetic

The Golden Phung’s Encylopaedia of Everything

A talented troupe of comedians tickle the funny bone whilst exploring a range of topics

The Half

To act or not to act…can I act?

The Return of Shaggy Doo Beats

A light-hearted take on ‘The Beat Generation’

The Sneeze – Chekov at the Pub

Chekov’s finest short stories dramatized

Tombola, traversing the unknown

Playing with the building blocks of contemporary dance

Wyrd…with grace

Cross-art form play with an environmentally spiritual edge