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Adelaide Fringe 2013

… Him

Equal parts dark and light, and constantly surprising.

Alice in the Madhouse

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole to a world that is familiar yet sinister

Altar Ego

A confronting and tangible exploration of whether infidelity can save a marriage and improve relationships

Andrew Finnegan Sings Songs for the End of the World

A troubadour tells tales about terrible things, but our looming demise is something to laugh about in this show

Animal Farm

Guy Masterson brings Animal Farm to life in this mesmerising one-man performance

Blind Date

Chivalry is not dead!

Captain Syphilis

A kooky pirate takes the audience on a psychedelic voyage that is not entirely without raunchiness, canon balls, and musical talent.


Sexy, edgy, mind-blowing acrobatics from Colombia

Confessions of a Grindr Addict

It’s schmexy time with Felix!

Desperately Seeking the Exit

Things go decidedly downhill when a writer loses creative control of his play on the West End

Dorothy Parker’s Sweet Release of Death

The infamously prickly poet is celebrated in all her glory

Fresh Meat

Happy International Women's Day (Night)

Frisky and Mannish: Extra-curricular Activities

An unforgettable pop music education!

I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright

A powerful story of how a transvestite survived the Nazi and Communist regimes in East Berlin

I’m not pale, I’m dead

Life’s too short to go around feeling uncomfortable, but death’s too long to look like shit!


Intimate, Dark, Strange and Witty

Insomnia Cat Came to Stay

A manic performer tells us all how she can’t sleep in a play that is ironically repetitive and snooze-inducing

Kate Middleton Show Queen

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes may end in disaster


A mind-bending piece of physical theatre that will change your perceptions of reality


An ethereal celebration of exotic encounters

Loaded Heart

Cutting-edge physical theatre featuring sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll


One word...gripping

Love in the Key of Britpop

If music be the food of love then let Britannia rule!


Introspective and soothing music that speaks louder than words

Miss Representation

Boys will be boys, but girls are still battling to be taken seriously in the media

My One and Only

A comic love triangle turns into an unforgettable dramatic tale of love and obsession

One for the Ugly Girls

This show will make you laugh, make you think, and at times, make you recoil in discomfort

Puppetry of the Penis

Boys will be boys, and men will be hairy!

Raton Laveur

A clever ruse adds extra punch to this dark play about raccoons and the repercussions of sudden violence

Samantha’s Hotline

A one-woman comedy drama about the trials of life and tedious phone sex

Sister Mary Lucy

One girl’s dream of becoming a nun through song and dance


Quirky off-beat theatre about friendship, time travel, and zombies…

Sound and Fury’s ‘Hamlet and Juliet’

A mash-up of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies ends in tears of laughter

Sticky Feet

A quiet triumph!

The Blue Room by David Hare

Like a teaspoon of honey mixed with vinegar, The Blue Room is for those who like their romance stories more biting than blissful

The Book of Loco

In case of an emergency – don’t use clichés

The Breakfast Club

High school students and graduates retell a cult classic!

The Comic Strippers

Does size matter when you are having... fun?

The Faulty Towers Dining Experience

It’s kitchen nightmares meets slapstick comedy

The Golden Phung – Sell Out

A thoroughly entertaining hour and a bit of satisfyingly stupid sketch comedy.

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

By public demand return season featuring Fiona DeLaine, Mark DeLaine, Rod Schultz and Michaela Burger with Angela Turner

Uta Uber Kool Ja

Don't touch the Diva or take her photograph, unless she demands it.