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Adelaide Fringe 2014


Improv meets social media—what could be tweeter?

‘Hitchcocked’ by Sound & Fury

A nouveau-vaudeville spoof of Alfred Hitchcock’s best-known movies.

A Brief History of Beer

Take a journey through time and space to learn about this ancient beverage.

A Simple Space

A death defying insight into the capabilities of the human body, with a touch of comedy.

A Storm in a D Cup

Life sometimes deals us the best situations for comedy

A View From the Street

An enthralling hour of layered music and acoustic guitar

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking

Physics made simple - through the medium of…song!

Alexis Dubus – Cars and Girls

Enchanting, evocative storytelling.

Bel Canto Bowie

An adventure into the un-Bown.

Bewitching Macbeth

A deeper look into the psyche of Macbeth through the fusion of dance and text.

Bite-Size Comedies à la Carte

You are invited to the wedding of Cheryl and Dave where guests can choose four ten-minute plays interspersed with postnuptial comedy, drama and madness.

Bogan Bingo – The Last Time

Bingo for the inner bogan.

Classically Chilled Piano

An hour of meditative classically chilled piano that evokes a range of emotions.

Come Heckle Christ

Come Heckle Christ has touched the nerve of an alarmingly conservative culture.


A teen thriller to remember.

Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box

Gripping, unsettling, unexpected, and powerful.

FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out

You’re listening to the Zoe Show where we explore Zoe Macdonald’s ‘malaise’ of FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out.

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour

Come along and shake your booty!

Jackson! Le diner est prêt!

Extremely self-referential, experimental theatre.

La Leçon

A twisted tale of what happens when an innocent student meets a bumbling, yet passionate professor…en français.

Lili La Scala: Siren

An entertaining but uneven night of soulful sea songs.


A visual feast of heart-stopping feats.


Love-Song-Circus touches your soul.


A psychedelic fusion of physical theatre and UV art.


Abstruse ‘Poesian’ deconstruction

Outback Homosexual Serial Killer

Journey into a disturbed mind.


A dustbowl flavoured, jazz-soaked, circusy festival of fun.

Rainbow Rabbits with Rabies

Hilarious, in your face comedy.

Season to Taste

Nine women voice our inner thoughts, fears and hopes over a nine-course meal.

Sex with Animals

A surprisingly touching fringe show starring two (mostly) faithful penguins, a horny bonobo called Shadynasty, and an oversexed rock.

Speakeasy: An Extravagangster

A 'Chicago'-style gangster musical.

Stuart Bowden: She Was Probably Not A Robot

Absolutely entertaining and brilliantly quirky storytelling at its best.

Swamp Juice

Brilliant shadow puppetry for kids and parents.

Temporal Cocoon

Post-modern movement mixed with ethereal music.

The Black Cat – The Small World of Aristide Bruant

Paris is the city of lies and spies in this tragic tale of star-crossed lovers.

The History of the Devil

Clive Barker’s hit, brought to life by the Beating Heart Theatre Company

The Kransky Sisters: Piece of Cake

Sisters Mourne, Eve and Dawn return with another Piece of Kransky Cake and reimagined songs off the wireless for Adelaide audiences.

The Luck Child

A delightful tale of an evil King, a wizard, three-headed dog/cat and of course Lucky, the Luck Child.

The Market

Welcome to The Market where we’ve all got a price…and an expiry date.

The Situation

When you have nothing left to lose, online dating is the way to go. Or is it?

The Umbilical Brothers: A KiDs ShoW (Not Suitable for Children)

Don't take your kids - or you will have a lot of explaining to do...

Trash Test Dummies

A slapsticky good time.

When I Grow Up

An honest and humorous look at the concept of ‘growing up’ and all its misgivings.

… We Should Quit

A tale of two bored office workers amusing themselves with tomfoolery to stave off mindless work.