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Adelaide Fringe 2015

A Midsummer Knight’s Dream…What?!

If you are looking for something interesting, look no further

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Shakespearean comedy of errors set in 1960s Australia – say what?

A Simple Space

Human parkour and competitive acrobatics

Anatole De Latour – The Singing French Detective

Anatole De Latour is one eccentric but talented Interpol detective


Bacchanalia (plural noun): any drunken revelry; orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus; a land of Hope and Gloria

Bazinga! Nerdlesque Nights

A dazzling show that amuses and delights

Blood at the Root

A depiction of interpersonal relations in the Deep South, USA inspired by real-life events.

Deception: More deceit

How did they do that?!

Deeply Leisured With Queenie Bon Bon

A sex worker professional raising awareness about her career choice through an entertaining series of anecdotal stories using humour, psychology and an understanding of the needs of human beings.


2 short 1-Act plays dealing with women’s liberated sexuality, unwanted pregnancy, jealousy and possibly murder.

Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany

A gripping story about an American girl growing up in Hitler’s Germany

F**k Decaf

How do you take your coffee?

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Exploding the stigmas attached to depression in the male population by the introduction of empathy.

Food, Sex, Booze and dance

A cheeky burlesque show - with a menu!

Geraldine Quinn – MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt

Geraldine Quinn’s chameleonic voice rules the stage in Modern Day Maiden Aunt: an ode to choosing your own path.

Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live

Suspense, drama and well-timed sound effects—everything you could want from radio drama.

I liked you better online

A lighthearted and witty look at romance through the lens of the modern internet dating world

I Still Call Australia Homo

Across the globe humans are being persecuted because of their sexuality. This is obviously unacceptable. But, what if it were to happen in our own back yard?

Icarus Falling

One son’s journey to escape the confines of his physical prison becomes another son’s attempts for emotional freedom from his father’s criticisms


Lighting up the tent with talent, muscles and smiles


A cult film dramatized for your quoting pleasure


This game can be played anywhere at anytime. Variations of the game include…


In a world that becomes physically disturbed, there’s something for everyone!


Cirque de UV - stories of discovery told through juggling, acrobatics and extraordinary body painting

Monty: the musical – things I know about women

Does Monty really know women? Reflecting on his past and the key women in it makes for a hilarious show

Mr Stuart’s Distant Range

A fascinating glimpse into the journals of Stuart the explorer, reflected onto today’s political panorama

Mush and Me

The quagmire of interfaith relationships taken to task onstage.

Mylie’s Relationship Status Is Complicated: A Facebook Romance

Searching for love on Facebook presented in song and storytelling by a brilliant cabaret performer with highly entertaining humour and a great selection of pop songs.

ODE – Voices of Gallipoli and the First World War

A rehearsed reading of selected writings from the First World War.

Only The Good Die Young

A medley of some of the memorable songs by good musicians who died too young.

Pants Down Circus Rock

Rock and rolling through the hits – and swinging, spinning and throwing


The ordinary is outside. Leave your concerns at the door.

Paroxysm Press – Pleasure And Pain Showcase

Bringing the boldest stories and poetry many publishers haven’t the courage to put into print and giving them an open mic to say it out loud.

Puddles Pity Party

Gigantic, sad clown with the voice of an angel wordlessly stomps around a tiny stage in Adelaide and brings happiness to all* — coulrophobics, this is your chance to be cured.


When life gives you a wish chip, you better wish hard...magic does happen!

Salvation Amy

A manic, funny, energetic, engaging evening with an OCD singer songwriter taking us for a forage through the Salvo’s bin.


Juggling, juggling and more juggling – it’s quite a scene!

Sticks Stones and Broken Bones

A shadow puppet show that turns household junk into surreal live cartoons

Tales of a Strongman

Circus acts, strength, comedy, romance and a big dose of fun!

The Art of Tease

Seven sexy ladies tease the audience with displays of personality and sensuality

The Naked Magicians

Deftly administered and hilariously delivered.

The Trial

Freedom exists between sleep and wakefulness. Don’t. Wake. Up.

Tinder Surprise

Swipe right if you like laugh-out-loud comedy

[title of show]

[title of show] is a charming, self-reflective, self-deprecating world where the characters imagine a show within a show within a show.

“Just let the wind untie my perfumed hair…”

Tahríríh. Persian. Feminist. Poetess. Activist. Born: 1815. Executed: 1852. Martyr.