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Brighton Fringe 2011

10 Questions

Pathologist turned counsellor gives up the analysis of cadavers for the building of psyches but only manages to dissect her own.

Big Daddy Vs. Giant Haystacks

A hysterical comedy about generously proportioned men in leotards

Delete the Banjax

A charming sketch comedy quartet

Four Play

"a highly energetic, fast-paced, fun, frolickingly well-executed comedy murder-mystery"

Late Night Gimp Fight

Slick, smooth and supremely well presented sketch comedy

Max and Ivan are Holmes and Watson

Ridiculous Sherlock-based comedy from a talented double act

McNeil and Pamphilon: Addicted to Danger!

"genuinely warm, consistently funny, well-paced and strongly delivered"

New York Stories

A delightful and unmissable exploration of the substance of surplus tissue.


An energetic trio of performers provide belly-laughs aplenty in this sketch comedy show.

The Cock & Tail Inn

"warm, nostalgic, laugh out loud, sit-comedy"

The Dog-Eared Collective: Dogs On Show

Theatrically inventive and genuinely delightful comedy

The Perfect Party

“NO snakes!” “No ray-guns!” “This is a caffeine free house, you know”

The Three Englishmen

Brilliantly barmy sketch comedy from a talented new troupe