Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2012

15% of the Seagull

Well paced, plenty of laughs

A Dirty Martini with Evelyn Waugh

The roaring 1920s is the theme, parties parties and bright young things..

A Séance with the Ogden Sisters

Astral comedy with a laugh-aloud aura

Coward at Sea

A rare gem” indeed!

Cult of the Wrong

A fearless, funny and absurd theatrical experience.


Slightly bright and slightly breezy

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Consistently hilarious, a worthy new episode

Forever 27

" sweet, funny and at times sad"

Head Full of Red

Bottles full of potential

Max and Ivan are… Con Artists

Smart narrative sketch heist comedy... of course!

Murphy’s Legacy

a spirited entertaining comedy with some lovely highlights, and pig-racing

Not, Treasure Island

Set sail and walk the plank into a ferocious sea of hilarious mischief and nautical shenanigans.

The Alchemist

A successful revival of a classic satire

The Prayer Meeting

An original, well acted and hilarious depiction of man's desperate attempts to get God's attention.

The Silky Pair Open Up

Madcap, off the wall paced comedy

Trouser-Wearing Characters

"entertaining and accessible "

Winston On The Run

Engaging Churchillian romp!