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Brighton Fringe 2016

A Dirty Get-Away!

Brilliantly silly and profound meditation on the nature of memory loss as innocence


Superb revival of Charlotte Jones’s play abut two women incarcerated for fifty years for bring different.

And the Rope Still Tugging Her Feet

Compelling, downright funny yet tragic true narrative of the Kerry Baby affair of 1984. Caroline Burns Cooke triumphs as writer and actor.

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Funny, warm and accessible comedy stand up for children and their parents.


"well worth seeing"

Loud Poets

Bold, loud, passionate and engaging – poetry for the masses with a wonderful energy


A well-produced show that holds the attention and provides plenty of laughs along the way.


Join Bard & Troubadour on a truly magical journary for all ages, as Pinocchio faces scoundrels, set-backs and sea monsters on his quest to become a real boy, in this loving recreation of the classic Italian fairy tale.

Robyn Perkins [is a] Work In Progress

upbeat, incisive and funny

Something Rotten

Scintillating subversive and original take on Hamlet’s unhappy uncle, weighed down by doubts and too many jokers. Beware of complicity.

The Bald Prima Donna

Spirited pacey revival of Ionesco’s first play, with one stand-out performance and superbly idiomatic one. A perfect introduction to the playwright.

The Thermos Museum

Quirky and strangely warming

Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.