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Brighton Fringe 2016

A Dirty Get-Away!

Brilliantly silly and profound meditation on the nature of memory loss as innocence

A Really Really Big Modern Telly

A re-imagining of the myth of Narcissus and a contemporary fable blending live theatre & projection, which questions what happens when the consumer becomes the consumed.

Adam Vincent – Judgemental (work in progress)

"I would definitely recommend this show to fellow misanthropes, Adam Vincent has a wonderfully weird take on life."

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Funny, warm and accessible comedy stand up for children and their parents.

Comic Boom

A summary of all that is great on the UK comedy scene, go and see it!

How to be a Girl

This is a relentless one act play about the pressure placed on girls by the media. It unpicks the irony of being advised to resist peer pressure and be independent, yet being told what to buy, how to look and how to behave.


Showstopping numbers stud this heartwarming, touching new play with numbers by Liz Tait.

Normally Abnormal

Dave Chawmer takes a sensitive, funny and thought-provoking look at eating disorders, mental health and identity

Robyn Perkins [is a] Work In Progress

upbeat, incisive and funny

Save Me A Balloon

"it's full of joie de vivre and a real pleasure to watch."

Secret Innuendos

one of the best performances on Brighton Fringe

The Bald Prima Donna

Spirited pacey revival of Ionesco’s first play, with one stand-out performance and superbly idiomatic one. A perfect introduction to the playwright.

The Big Stiffy

Absurd and off-the-wall, this surreal funeral party is a bizarre experiment that really does pay off

The Cunning Mr Lingus

Advice on how to sex up your life and your period appendages sets tongues wagging for a second year in this warm comedy from Alpha males to a wicked Omega-

The Thermos Museum

Quirky and strangely warming

Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.

Women’s Hour

A hilarious and crazy hour of feminist theatre