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Brighton Fringe 2016


"the entirely imaginary visuals he creates are amazing."


Hip is a must see show. A Brighton-spirited séance with tequila, nibbles, tenderness and laughter.

Mummy or The Art of Saying Goodbye

A brilliantly conceived, directed and performed piece of tragi-comic, food-for-thought theatre. If you get the chance to see it, jump at it.

Outside the Box: A Live Show about Death

A thought provoking, funny and moving performance by a masterful story teller, requiring us to think carefully about death and dying before it is too late.

Something Rotten

Scintillating subversive and original take on Hamlet’s unhappy uncle, weighed down by doubts and too many jokers. Beware of complicity.

The Gary and Robert Blues

A theatrical attempt to raise awareness of mental health

The Marlowe Papers

A diamond in Shakespeare’s or Marlowe’s ruff? Ros Barber’s novel adapted for the stage, starring vaulting Jamie Martin.

The Thermos Museum

Quirky and strangely warming


Tremendously energised one-man play about an Australian minister's son on a mission, but which one?