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Brighton Fringe 2017

Cabaret from the Shadows

A mind bending, thought provoking feast for the soul!

Comedy Club for Kids

A lot of fun, a lot of laughs, a lot of joy. And (mostly) age-appropriate.


'Stakes are high in this hilarious and charming rendition of Dracula'

Eat the Poor

A very funny evening of political satire through silly song

Enter the Dragons

Classic clowning exploring the subject of female ageing

Great Train Robbery

Through an ingenious mix of clowning, physical theatre and wonderful singing, this comic four shed new light on ‘what really happened’ and ‘how they participated.’

Sami and Jim

Thoroughly entertaining, consistently offbeat funny

Sex Education

A filthy, funny and moving story of sexual exploration

Sleeping Trees: Sci-fi?

Rollicking furiously paced exquisitely skilled physical comedy

Tina C’s President -C

Witty, wonderful and warming politics meets drag queen meets country a tent on an intersection.

Wet Bread

What’s Left must be right. But the country’s voted, Right. Do catch this! Left-wing activist Adele is just the dominant voice when Morag Sims puts on the best single act of a whole cast I’ve seen in a long time.