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Brighton Fringe 2018


If you can catch this in the Fringe, you’ll have seen one of the best things in it.

A Brave Face

This is a piece for everyone over 10 and should be seen at all costs.

A Woman, In Search

A Search For Meaning In A World Of Illusion

About A Revolution

A century after the Russian Revolution - where is Revolution today?

Another Fine Mess

This Fine Mess Is Defintely Worth The Trip

Antony and Cleopatra

A morality tale - with snakes.

Are Strings Attached?

An Intimate Portrayal of an Aging Icon As He Drifts Into Obscurity

Behind Our Skin

The allies we make when we want to live together.

Blank Tiles

A heartrending tragic-comedy one-man show about memory, Scrabble and Alzheimer’s. 

Blue Sky Thinking

Many arts-driven people forced into the corporate world might well see this play answers their condition like few others.

Bully Beef

Five nights in no-man's-land, trapped in a broken-down tank


H​ighly charged, hugely energized and utterly committed

Coldstream: Critical Threat

"A poignant, contemporary, powerfully evocative play asking some uncomfortable questions"

Elephant’s Graveyard

It’s in NT’s best American vein. Forget Rehearsed Reading. It’s the real thing.


It’s a work with much to tell us: of the unlooked-for consequences of a buried war. Of elective affinities and choosing to adopt the war-bereft, whatever condition they’re in.

Franz Kaka: Apparatus

Your invitation to attend an execution

Goodbye Rosetta

"youth theatre at its best"


A powerful and devastatingly personal piece of storytelling


fast-paced and hilarious

If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight!

Jenner’s moved out of the comfort zone of his Coward years which suit him particularly, or straight acting. It’s a remarkable feat.

King Charles III

This is an outstanding production, one of the two or three finest amateur ones I’ve ever seen. It can hold its head amongst consummate professional ones.

Margo & Mr. Whatsit

A Fantastical Family Adventure with a Lot of Heart

Marx in Soho

A poised, assured performance of insightful, informed and important work.


A twentieth century adaption by Jean Anouilh


If you decide on one storytelling piece of theatre in this half of the Fringe, I doubt you’ll do better than experience this.

Morning Is Red

Not the Last Post for this Thought-Provoking War Story

My Father Held A Gun

"A passionate, storytelling show with live cinematic music about war and peace, acts of heroism, and the love for life."


A 20th Century icon brought to life.

One Woman Alien

I can predict that by the end of its run, this should be the most outstanding one-person show you’ll see in the last week.

Pigspurt’s Daughter

Guardian obituary, 2008. ‘Ken Campbell was one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the past half-century.’ It just happens that his daughter Daisy is both that and far more. She’s one of the most cunning crafters of comedy and storytelling in the anti-business

Police Cops in Space

Full-on wacky energy with impressive physical theatre and dance.


Caroline Burns Cooke uses storytelling and physical performance to breath life into this true story of Munchausen by proxy.


A passionless, motiveless, faultless and clueless murder ... but is it perfect?

S/he/it Happens

Not Your Typical Day At The Office

She Wolf

So what did Harvey Weinstein and the fifteenth century European ruling classes have in common? Exactly. A lot. English has achieved a phenomenal amount. She co-ordinates everything as she directs and manages her own minimal props.

The Erebus Project

"an engaging, interesting, disturbing, provocative piece of theatre."

The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers

An operatic clown show, first performed in Helsinki in September 2014.

The Looker

A show about freedom. Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical - and beautiful.

The Maids

Genet's masterpiece in a new translation

The Morning After The Life Before

A perfectly rendered, heart-warming, necessary light in the darkest of moments.

The Odditorium Tribute to Ken Campbell

of you and won’t let go. Most theatre makers of whatever stripe are pretty clear Ken’s a game changer.

The Polished Scar

Nobody likes to be treated like a child

The Silent House

The Silent House Screams Volumes

The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney

This is a gem of many colours. Do see it. The miraculous construction’s matched by Jordan’s storytelling and sense of dark mischief. In Jordan’s hands it’s a re-possession of lost innocence by a strange sleight of a knowing child.

The Start of Something

A finely crafted set of interwoven monologues telling three women’s stories of love and loss

The Wind In The Willows

A Wonderful and Whimsical Family Adventure

Tits in Space

A show with a wise sweetness at its core; a brightness to cast the growing shadows out there.

Ubu Roi

An Absurd Look At The State We're In...And What Might Happen Next

Under The Skin

An uninvited journalist knocks on the door of a Holocaust survivor, for an unexpected interview.

Waiting For Curry

Susanne Crosby’s Waiting for is a four-hander with a social reckoning, and very unexpected plot point. The audience was packed. There’s a quietly sad magic to this low-key play; people recognize themselves in it. It speaks.

Whaddya Know – We’re In Love!

There’s first-class musical entertainment here, crouched under the disguise of a schoolboy plot. Irresistible.

When the Wind Blows

BLT have produced in less than two weeks two outstandingly fine full-length productions. This latest offering confirms this theatre’s confidence in producing stark contrasts: an unfashionable yet horribly topical drop of silence into a bustling city.

White Girls

Clever but raw self-referential storytelling that will likely divide audiences


Inside the head of a madman.