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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

A Brief History of Scotland

Tongue in Cheek Scottish History

Are you there?

A chilling, darkly comic play, well staged and staying true to the text.

Battle Acts! Improvised Comedy

Well, thank God for a bit of energy and passion on stage. And thank God for Battle Acts!

Belt Up’s ‘Lorca is Dead’

Brilliant anarchic theatre. Unmissable.

Boom Jennies: We Want Action!

The Boomies have increased their number, changed their line-up somewhat, and at least one of them is sporting facial hair.

Busting Out!

'Show not tell' is the motto of this laugh-out-loud sketch show that's all about breasts

Carnival Knowledge: Love, Lust and Other Human oddities

A rip-roaring yarn on one woman’s search through LA for ‘the one’….or is that ‘the two’?

Chow Mein

Accessible and enjoyable comedy

Clever Peter – Blood, Sweat and Tears

Top class and very very clever sketch comedy

Clint’s Reality

."Good knock-about stuff"

Dealer’s Choice

Slick, Cool and a bundle of laughs

Delete The Banjax And You!

Infectious fun and silly sketches from a confident team of clever sketch writers.


There’s a murderer in town, and his weapon of choice is ten inches long, made of latex, and possibly battery powered. Is he insane, or just going about things half-cocked?

Dinner For One

A gem of a comedy

Domestic Goddi Wonderland

Classy gags from three queens of comedy

Five Clever Courtesans

Gorgeous costumes, historical intrigue and some girl-on-girl kissing

La Locandiera

Fine food and site specific entertainment make for a thoroughly enjoyable night at the inn

Lady Garden: Top Secret Gig

Hush, it’s a secret. We resolve to tell you absolutely nothing about the girl’s latest, brand-new show. But we will say this: go see.

Late Night Gimp Fight!

Fast-paced, slick sketch comedy with flashes of genius

Morgan and West: Time Travelling Magicians

A delightful magic show couched in funny and inventive Victoriana.

Mould and Arrowsmith in 3D

"clever, funny and satisfying"

Mushy Ate My Credit Card

Very enjoyable one man comedy

My Romantic History

An entertaining comedy drama

Naked Splendour

Art education and theatre combine in this life drawing and life affirming class


Sharp and energetic


Often sharply funny sprint of shame through one actor’s worst auditions

Pappy’s All Buisness

Silly but hilarious material from the Kings of sketch comedy.

People in Glass Houses

Amusing eccentricity with some well formed characters.

Princess Cabaret

A Humouress Disney Sketch Show With Some Clever Songwriting

Shirley & Shirley

"clever writing and energetic performances"

Slacker’s Guide to Western Theatre

Plenty of energy and laughs

The Boy With Tape on His Face

Go and see the phenomenon

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Spiffing tales of daring-do from three gallant gentlemen and two elegant ladies.

The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy the Kid

Energetic punk rock musical that you'll love or hate

The Man Who Was Thursday

An amusing adaptation of a classic novel.

The Penny Dreadfuls

Simply the best sketch comedy

The Return of the Pros from Dover Sk*tches.

Original, inspired absurdity performed by true Pros indeed

The Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo

Knock about farce with a confusion of lovers

The Wake

Wonderfully written, acted with refreshing dynamism

Tom Binns is Ian D. Montfort – Touching the Dead

Of the highest quality on every level. Absolutely hilarious.

Two Episodes Of MASH

Superior sketch comedy that feels understated and gentle, but is actually super-fast, and brutally smart.

Up ‘N’ Under

Mud, sweat and the ghost of Eddie Waring

Virtuous Flock

Accomplished, slick and very entertaining theatre