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Edinburgh Fringe 2010


Highly interactive theatre company attempt to slice a new route into Shakespeare by excavating the raw emotions and primal psychology behind the tragedies


Welcome to 54 and the joys of tenement living

A Solitary Choice

Top class writing, a highly recommended play.

Against the Odds

Chance and choice collide

An Evening with Dementia

If you sit very still and say very little then no-one can tell whether you’ve got dementia or not.


A witty, absurdist reworking of a Greek classic performed by an able young cast.

Are you there?

A chilling, darkly comic play, well staged and staying true to the text.

Bane 2

In the sequel to last year's success, 'Bane', Joe Bone once again demonstrates phenomenal performance skill whilest also really enjoying himself onstage.

Battle Acts! Improvised Comedy

Well, thank God for a bit of energy and passion on stage. And thank God for Battle Acts!

Belt Up’s ‘Antigone’

Belt Up Theatre take over The House Above and give their own slant on Sophocles' classic tragedy.

Belt Up’s ‘Lorca is Dead’

Brilliant anarchic theatre. Unmissable.

Belt Up’s ‘Odyssey’

Belt Up Theatre take over The House Above and dismantle one of the earliest works of western literature.

Belt Up’s ‘The Boy James’

Belt Up Theatre take over The House Above and take us to the dark heart of JM Barrie's imagination.

Belt Up’s Octavia

Belt Up’s trademark mix of exuberance and energy create a world of enchantment.

Belt Up’s Quasimodo

A claustrophobic, grotesquely sensual take on Victor Hugo’s hunchback story with moments of vivid poetry and clever narrative play

Belt Up’s Metamorphosis

A wonderfully evocative broad-brush adaptation


Atmospheric re-creation of life in war-torn Britain.


A raw portrayal of the events that lead up to a youth committing a crime.

Broken Voices

Strong performances and naturalistic dialogue lend this play a disturbing force.

Bud Take The Wheel I Feel A Song Coming On

This new play about a family living in the shadow of a defunct mill and their own dysfunctional past is surprisingly hopeful and sparklingly written

Busting Out!

'Show not tell' is the motto of this laugh-out-loud sketch show that's all about breasts

Carnival Knowledge: Love, Lust and Other Human oddities

A rip-roaring yarn on one woman’s search through LA for ‘the one’….or is that ‘the two’?

Chow Mein

Accessible and enjoyable comedy

Clint’s Reality

."Good knock-about stuff"

Could it be Forever?

A very enjoyable and uplifting delve into nostalgia, memory and growing up.

Dealer’s Choice

Slick, Cool and a bundle of laughs

Decky Does a Bronco

'a beautifully realised production'


There’s a murderer in town, and his weapon of choice is ten inches long, made of latex, and possibly battery powered. Is he insane, or just going about things half-cocked?

Dinner For One

A gem of a comedy

Do We Look Like Refugees?

Outstanding verbatim theatre with virtuoso performances - stunning

Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is?

Well, do you? Chances are they may have gone to see this riveting production.

Dr Faustus

A flawed but entertaining dash through Marlowe's masterpiece.


Much wailing and gnashing of (pointed) teeth in this clever re-imagining of the horror classic.

Emma Thomson Presents Fair Trade

This is a searching and thought-provoking examination of the increasing trade in women as sex slaves, although it skimps on rounding out the villains of the piece.

Ernest and the Pale Moon

2009's deserved sell-out show returns on five-star form for two nights


A beautifully acted tribute to Korea's forgotten victims of WWII.

First Love

A masterclass in understated, comic acting

Five Clever Courtesans

Gorgeous costumes, historical intrigue and some girl-on-girl kissing


Funny how you never miss something, until suddenly it isn’t there anymore.

Hamlet For Girls

At the tick tick tock of her biological clock, Abi struggles with indecision from her crown Prince ..

Hamlet:End of a Childhood

A fabulous solo performance by Thomas Marceul


Mordantly funny, beautifully performed – a joy to watch


A highly enthusiastic cast bring life to some genuinely inventive physical choreography

I, Claudia

Touching, funny and unmissable

Imperial Fizz

Witty dialogue, great performances

In Memory

A well-disciplined school ensemble detail the story of a parent's death.

Invisible Atom

Slickly physical one-man show freezes a single moment in time and captures a world in moral and economic freefall

Jordan by Anna Reynolds with Moira Buffini

Competant revival of a controversial 1992 fringe hit


A gentle and engaging examination of mankind in the wilds of nature.


Rebecca Wright is an actress to be watched. An entertaining script.

La Locandiera

Fine food and site specific entertainment make for a thoroughly enjoyable night at the inn

Lady C

Provocative and accomplished

Letters Home

"convincing performances"


Packed tightly into a white box, an audience can't help but feel involved in this fall-out from a topical humans rights abuse.

Little Black Bastard

A gripping story told without any frills.

Lockerbie: unfinished business

An enthralling tale of one man's fight for truth and justice

Long Live the King

Head way down to the Assembly as soon as you can


The diary of a lost girl who’s truly out of her Box. Brook no argument ..

Memory Cells

A very contemporary, dark script directed by a Double Fringe First winning director.

Morgan and West: Time Travelling Magicians

A delightful magic show couched in funny and inventive Victoriana.

Mushy Ate My Credit Card

Very enjoyable one man comedy

Mussolini – A One Man Political Farce

Ross Gurney-Randall’s impressive portrayal of Italy’s most notorious leader

My Romantic History

An entertaining comedy drama

Mysterious Skin

"...the best of British Theatre style."

Naked Splendour

Art education and theatre combine in this life drawing and life affirming class


Often sharply funny sprint of shame through one actor’s worst auditions

Private Peaceful

A touching tale delivered with eloquence.




Dream play avoids being a doze.


A hazy white wonderland of memory, fantasy and beautiful story-telling

Righteous Money

Biting satirical attack on the American dream from a gifted young playwright.

Shadow Boxing

t’s a knock-out .

Shakespeare’s Mothers: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know

Well-spoken chunks of Shakespeare's nasty women

Silence in Court

This could be a winner!

Slacker’s Guide to Western Theatre

Plenty of energy and laughs

Some Gorgeous Accident

Three young people in search of life, love and sex. Closer, or not even close?


Toned down, but not muted, a new adaptation of British cult classic.


Roles are reversed as the dummy becomes the manipulator. A class act from a leading ventriloquist.

Sunset Song

A fine Scottish yarn


Outstanding, gripping and engrossing drama. A very developed piece of work.

The Accident

"convincingly natural performances"

The Author

Bold, crisp writing

The Boy With Tape on His Face

Go and see the phenomenon

The Day the Sky Turned Black

Five poignant wiewpoints of a disaster

The Degenerates

Believable acting

The Demise of Christopher Marlowe

"enjoyable and informative"

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Spiffing tales of daring-do from three gallant gentlemen and two elegant ladies.

The Friendship Experiment

A highly successful experiment

The Gay Geese

Matt’s coming out causes best friend Sam to flip out

The Gilded Red Cage

An unusual and poignant piece of monologue theatre from Slovakia.

The Glenn Miller Mystery

Out of the fog of mystery emerges an interesting conclusion to this age old connundrum

The History Boys

A Slick Performance of the Alan Bennet Play

The Inconsiderate Aberrations of Billy the Kid

Energetic punk rock musical that you'll love or hate

The Man Who Was Thursday

An amusing adaptation of a classic novel.

The Master and Margarita

A feast of theatre, dance and music that flows seamlessly into an organic whole.

The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui

Brecht's darkly comic satire performed with incredible passion.

The Second Star to the Right

A magical and touching trip to Neverland

The Servant to Two Masters

"I laughed loud and long"

The Silver Darlings

A finely realised adaptation of the classic Neil M Gunn novel.

The Student

Psychological thriller with an interesting twist.

The Tailor of Inverness

A surprisingly moving story of an immigrant tailor coming to Scotland after the war.

The Vertical Hour

Confrontation of two ultimately irreconcilable idealists

The Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo

Knock about farce with a confusion of lovers

The Wake

Wonderfully written, acted with refreshing dynamism

Tom Binns is Ian D. Montfort – Touching the Dead

Of the highest quality on every level. Absolutely hilarious.


An astonishingly uplifting true life story.

Uber Hate Gang

In the acting premiere league

Underneath the Lintel

An amusing detective story

Up ‘N’ Under

Mud, sweat and the ghost of Eddie Waring

Virtuous Flock

Accomplished, slick and very entertaining theatre

Wait Until Dark

Where will you be when the lights go out? Check out a decent little thriller ..


A horror story, unpeeled like an onion

You’re Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy

A delightful and engaging story of love and war.

Your Days Are Numbered : The Maths of Death

Differential look at the laws of probability from two upper decile performers