Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2012

A Guide to Second Date Sex

An honest and hilarious late-night gem

Appointment with the Wicker Man

A colourful send up of the 1970s film classic.


Quick Fire And Engaging Sketch Comedy From A Two Woman Team

Blithe Spirit

Ghostly Goings on

Boom Jennies: Mischief

Bubbly comedy from three girls as bright as exclaimation marks


Arguably George Bernard Shaw’s most contemporary feeling comedy.

Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut

An exquisite homage to a classic film using theatre as a medium for worship, laughter and sheer delight!

Darkness Rising

From lightness, rising to dark .. but Fifty Shades Of Grey this ain't.

Dirty barbie and other Girlhood Tales

Dissecting Dysfunctionality

Discover Ben Target

Ben Target is a discovery well worth making

Four Screws Loose in #screwtheworld

Screws are a little loose in this sketch show comedy.

Love All

Where joyously funny meet macabre

Max and Ivan are… Con Artists

Comedy gold, pure comedy gold


Setting the standard for rapid-fire sketch comedy

People Show 121 The Detective Show

Whodunnit? Theydunnit! You will be guaranteed entertainment and charm

Piff the Magic Dragon…..in Jurassic Bark

Piff is a rarity – a genuinely funny magician with an eye for an illusion

Repertory Theatre

A fast-paced, absurd comedy


Bitter sweet theatre

The Cambridge Footlights: Perfect Strangers

Footlights' 2012 vintage is a mellow, zesty fusion.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

If you don’t see this show now, then in the years to come you’ll pretend you did.

The Pride

Australian lions create a roaring success.


Fat Cat's delicious and absurd adaptation