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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

13 Sunken Years

A sweeping tragedy of immeasurable sadness with great strength in hope

15% of The Seagull

Delightfully daft comedy

3,000 Trees by George Gunn

Jimmy Chisholm is straight up Scotland’s greatest character actor.

A LIttle Nonsense

Dark-edged comedy about a pair of performers. But who is the clown?


A musically accompanied tale of sadness and alcoholism

And They Played Shang-A-Lang

A hilarious run through the decade that some of us want to avoid and forget

Animal Farm

Moving adaptation of Orwell's classic

Art of Falling Apart, The

A f***ed-up underground version of Abigail’s Party

Bill Clinton Hercules

A consummate performance from Bob Paisley as Bill Clinton.

Bitesize Chekhov

Three of his most intricate one-act plays - expertly conserved, cleverly restored and inventively staged.

Blood At The Root

Thought Provoking Theatre


Loaded with funny and clever physicality


Superb performance - an intimate hour with nearly the man himself

Butterfly in Shades of Blue

A well acted, dark-edged rom-com

Cafe Ruse

They can help youse to have some silly good fun

Casting the Runes

An impressive horror hour performed with style and panache


Enough to make you wonder whether going into the office tomorrow really is a good idea.


A brilliant character led drama about vulnerability and those who can take advantage

Dogs of War

An original and ambitious take on the Wars of the Roses plays.

Donald Robertson is not a stand up comedian

A witty tale of comedy and survival

Eden Gate

Interactive, thought provoking and infectious fun


A strong one woman exploration of a controversial historical figure

Eric and Little Ern

The closest to the real thing you are likely to find this side of heaven.

Et Tu Elvie

Elvis - All Shook Up

Every Brilliant Thing

Johnny Donahoe brings this selfless, joyous hour of tenderness to life.

Factor 9

An intense and compelling production that illuminates a very real Scottish and international scandal

Gidion’s Knot

A taut two hander that portrays a meeting beyond comprehension

Goodbye Gunther

Tragicomic clownish genius

Great Artists Steal

A wacky but inventive invective on invention


An electric love letter to Bristol’s nocturnal rave scene

Harriet – Teen Detective

A delightful and sympathetic play about autism that captures the challenges and suggests solutions

Harry the King

A subtle and superb retelling of Henry V that will hold you entranced.


A high energy coming of age story set in South Africa

He Had Hairy Hands

|"breathtaking physical theatre"


A delightful quirky tale, with Welsh cakes.

Jamaica Farewell

"a passionate, heartfelt coming of age, flying the nest story which packs a mean look and a Walther PPK."

Keeping up with the Joans

A deceptively gentle comedy with a bite

Lashings of GInger Beer

Jolly japes in this spoof Blytonesque mystery.

Last Christmas

Beautifully lyrical storytelling, funny and poignant. A thoroughly life affirming piece of theatre.


Theatre Ad Infinitum have remade theatre


One of the most visually arresting and achingly atmospheric shows you'll see this August.

Little On The Inside

Powerful, lyrical writing and superb performances give a vivid insight into life for women in prison. Complacency busting theatre.

Looking For Paul

Paradoxical contemporary art roasting becomes the very pretensions it aims to skewer.


Prenatal anxieties and a turbulent relationship make this hour of light-speed verbal tennis a draining experience.


A must see for anyone with an interest in Gaelic; no need to be fluent!

Merry Christmas Ms Meadows

An important show about trans* issues with a bit too much information

My Rabbi

A fascinating exploration of the Muslim/Jewish conflict

Nick Hodder: Insert comedy here

An awkward hour in the presence of an awkward comedian performing a show off the internet


A brisk, bracing, form-breaking experience from this young and lively company.

Odd Shaped Balls

Compelling performance from Chris Sheridan that tackles a taboo head-on.

Pint Size

Pint Size entertainment with a twist


A revivial which still has the power to provoke

Running Into Me

Very real emotion, extraordinary passion, and no small amount of theatrical craft.

Short and Curly whodunit?

A great duo taking the mickey and extracting plenty of laughs over our obsessions with murder mysteries

Show 6

'Broken rhythms and slick performances make this secret show like an exciting, angry, tense tango'


Pacy, energetic new writing

Sins of Seven Tables

An amusing Interpretation of the Seven Sins


Sirens is a beautifully simple and classy production which packs an almighty punch.


An interesting exploration of femininity and sisterhood

Smoking Ban

A first class solo show; Kate Goodfellow delivers a tour de force.


Phenomenal writing and performance. Rosie Wyatt explodes on to the stage as ferocious, wise cracking teenager, Amy.


Post Scottish independence political drama

Strange Resting Places

Heart-warming and unmissable.


Completely off the wall comic strip capers. No Fringe should be without a show like this.

Tea Time Story

A beautifully conjured tale of two people in love.

The Carousel

" many evocative moments – funny, bittersweet, violent, exciting, and sad"

The Confessions of Gordon Brown

A peek behind the curtains at Number Ten. And a chance to win a Kit-Kat

The Curing Room

" a powerful, visceral piece of theatre"

The Dirty Talk

The script is a witty dialogue that portrays the sensitive emotional essence of men in relationships.

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

A powerful experiencing of the world through the lens of psychosis

The House of Bernarda Alba

Simmering passion in Andalucia

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

Madcap, brilliantly bizarre physical comedy

The Man Who Would Be King

Impressive contemporary adaptation of Kipling's classic

The Quant

A compelling and frightening piece of theatre.

The Sonneteer

A must for those who enjoy a creative take on Shakespeare

The Third Sector

Powerful take on the corporatisation of what was once a vocation

The Tommy Cooper Show

Britain's favourite comedian realised very well indeed

The Weegies Have Pockled The Edinburgh Pandas

Another success from the Cairns’ stable. A must see for all Weegies and Reekies.

These Fragments

An incredibly moving and well observed drama that takes you from the conflict of WW1 to the Second World War before bringing us up to date with the conflict in Syria

This is Living

An exceptional hour spent between living and dying and all that entails


An enjoyable, dark comedy

Title and Deed

Lessons in how to be very solidly here


A well-performed show about relationships that felt a little trite at times

Upper Lip

Jeeves and Wooster, with a twist.

What Do You Mean

"a quintessentially fringe play"

Where Is She Now

If you love Shakespeare and you like it rare (yet crisply well done), you won’t find anything meatier this Fringe.

Why is life like sparrows?

A tremendously witty run through life in Wales and from the perspective of three young women making their way out of it

X and Y

A fascinating insight into our LGBT community within a Commonwealth which demonstrates a Common Deficiency

Your Fragrant Phantom

An exceptional run through the romance of the twenties and thirties that still keeps tongues wagging