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Edinburgh Fringe 2015

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

truly unique, highly accessible and utterly hilarious

Adam Riches is Coach Coach

A brilliant romp on the American sporting Dream of winning at all costs


Hustle and bustle, indeed, lift up your petticoats and run to this show ..

Be Better

An eclectic attack on self discovery that has a mixed palate and mixed target

Bear Hug

A laugh out loud new play

Ben Fairey: Floe-Joe’s Faces

There's nothing quite like this on the Fringe.

Bright Ideas

A brilliantly funny and intelligent show that sparks debate on whether humanity is really worth saving.

Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time

The performers, two actors and a musician playing violin, manage to create a whole world and a host of characters (apparently around 44 which in itself is a mind boggle) in the space of an hour.


A surreal one woman comedy of love, longing and intense rivalry – with a cow.

Daniel Cainer: 21st Century Jew

"witty, eloquent and wise, and worthy of its standing ovation"

Desperately Seeking Attention

Full of laugh-aloud dark humour

Distinguished Gentlemen

A bristling Georgian romp through filth and bawdiness

Ed Byrne Outside Looking In

Nice guy Ed Byrne slates fashion fascism while defending women.

Emperor of America

A delightful romp through the Midwest in the company of adorable vagabonds

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

A brutally true story of Bryony and her partner, Tim, that leaves simultaneously you laughing and crying.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

The beloved TV series brought to life.


One woman against the world as she continues a movement after the hard work has been done

Follow the Faun

A forty-five minute acid trippy escapade of movement, music, lights and human connection

Gein’s Family Giftshop: Volume 2

Finding the dark vein of comedy. Before exploding it with an errant air bubble.


A high octance retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur, with a twist!

Hotel Paradiso

Mask theatre at its best. Imaginative physical storytelling.

Impromptu Shakespeare

Different, enjoyable and impressive

It’s Only Words

An absurdly brilliant clown act that explores the nature of communication and language.

Joanna Neary : Faceful of Issues

A quite brilliant hour of character acting from a master of her craft

Jurassic Park

Inventive and Entertaining Physical Comedy!

Kitten Killers: Woof!

How do you make a cat go 'woof'? ...



Morro and Jasp Do Puberty

A peak behind the crimson curtains of two regular girls who just want to have fun, be loved, and figure out how the holy b*lls tampons work.

Mummy’s Gone a Bit Parental

Honest, bold and fighting sleep deprivation

Nell Gwyn: An Epilogue

No traditional monologue but stand-up comedy 17th Century style: bawdy and energetic, with an occasional social bite.

Nick Hodder’s objectives and key results

Anarchic comedy provided with pure audience participation

Oh, Hello!

Poignant reminder of a fallen comedic actor.

Patrick Draper: Absolutely Vacuous

"Sharp wit with thrown in thrash metal nursery rhymes"

Playing Politics

Political parody and satire to delight and amuse.

Revan and Fennell: Fan Club

Hugely entertaining sketches delivered by two great performers.

Stand Up & Slam!

I felt like a winner just seeing this show


The Archers meets The League of Gentlemen

Sy Thomas – Jumper

A delightful hour of comedy from Sy Thomas.

That Pair; Letting it Go

Princess Tim had a party to which we were all invited, had fun, experienced laughter but there was no cake, only glitter sprinkled

The A to Z of Loving a Ned

Another success from the Cairns’ stable. A must see for all Ned fanciers.

The Andromeda Paradox

X marks the spot. Make space for Tom Neenan's latest journey into the unknown ..

The Beau Zeaux

Smart longform comedy from a gang of familar faces.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Desperate Susie seeks Prince Charming. No frogs please.

The Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horowitz

Brilliant adaptation of this Horowitz classic.

The Frida Kahlo of Penge West

A wickedly funny two hander – the Odd Couple for the 21st century.

The Hampstead Murder Mystery!

Like 39 Steps, but with more actors. And more scenes. And more steps.

The Horne Section’s Questions Sessions

A madcap and silly quiz/music show

The Hunting of the Snark

A hand clapping, foot stomping hour of ridiculousness.

The Missing Hancocks

Perfect hour of nostalgia

The Rules: Sex, Lies and Serial Killers

'Brilliant acting deserving attention'

The Secretary Turned CEO

Baroque meets blues in this brilliant take on La Serva Padrona, Pergolesi’s comic intermezzo.

The Sunset Five

A wonderful hour of devised theatre with a charming cast, strong musicianship, and lots of laughs

The Wedding Reception

Brilliant interactive theatre - very entertaining!

Totes Inappropes!

Surreal and unique theatre cabaret

Twisted Loaf Present Stale Mate

A hour of dark and twisted sketch comedy

Vegas Nocturne

At times sharply observed, at others bizarre, late night cabaret from Vegas

Victoria Wood and Me

Victoria Wood classics to delight and amuse.

Wendy Hoose

An evening of sex that has surprises for all the participants, especially those wanting sex

What Would Spock Do

An hilarious, witty show for geeks everywhere.

Wild at Heart

"Mad in all the right ways"

Women’s Hour

A hour with two wonderful clowns

Woolley Eyed Turtle 3D

Two zany women - Wildly dynamic physical storytelling!