Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

4D Cinema

A historical and technological exploration of Marlene Dietrich, autobiography and live performance.

5 Guys Chillin’

"a gorgeous production."

A History, w Nowell Edmurnds

An uncomfortable reflection on our society’s adoration of fame.

A Series of Unfortunate Breakups

A bittersweet tale of 3 relationships that never quite end the way you expect

All Quiet on the Western Front

See it and be reminded.

At War with Love

A poignant, deep and vibrant use of Shakespearean sonnet dressed in the context of World War One

Burnt Sugar

A bright idea that is a little short in its delivery.


Straight play where plenty is slightly crooked.

Dirty Glitter

The 1970’s are back and funky with a cop drama that focusses on the times rather than the storylines.

F*cking Men

A startling and moving look at love and sex between entwining lives of Gay men.

Five Go Off on One

The Famous Five, without one, go off on an adventure on summer hols for jolly japes and smuggling scrapes.


A series of scenes on the issues of lost people

Jane Eyre: An Autobiography

"an incredible show which authentically reproduces the novel onto the stage."

Just let the Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair … or Who is Tahirih?

A haunting account of the Iranian poet and radical feminist Tahira played by Delia Olam who has impressively written, composed and performed the entire show based on the true accounts of this once forgotten heroine.

Molly Whuppie

An engaging hour or so in the company of masters in Scottish storytelling for children

Monologues of a Tired Nurse

"shocking and moving"


A fast paced jam packed show, a cinematic experience without technology, a multisensory treat.

Sodden Flodden

The story of a tragedy in Scotland told 400 years later with music and storytelling showing that at least something survived it well

The Forest

An impeccable time in a magical forest where all is experienced by all who enter

The Magnetic Diaries

An intelligent and challenging poetic narrative exploring modern day female depression.

Yoke’s Night

An evening of drugs, mayhem and macabre dealings where all is more than what it seems.


The story of exposed abuse told simply and effectively from a stool on a stage.