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Edinburgh Fringe 2017


Powerful story of gender and cultural identity


Chilling tale of a dystopian future


A dramatic and engaging trip back to the 17th Century when four thinkers thought outside of a box and changed philosophy and science forever.


A beautifully articulated piece of theatre that moves heart and mind as it tells the story of a Syrian refugee from converging perspectives

Bright Colours only

One woman tour de force that brightens your day with a wake.

Chamberlain: Peace in Our Time

"Intense, informative and some fine character acting"

Chips and Cheese

A popular Glaswegian snack turns into a funny comic journey round yer nan and yer papa meeting yer English boyfreend.

City Love

Love on a night bus

Cosmic Scallies

A two hander that effectively and sensitively explores the nature of childhood friendships when one of those friends may not suit the expected norms


Sarah Kane’s masterpiece competently performed.

Cult – Ure

A fascinating tale that has a beginning, an end like its beginning and an intriguing middle


Be careful what you wish for… an unflinching examination of suicide


A measured and intriguing take on a Greek classic

Frank Carson – A Rebel Without a Pause

That’s a cracker. It’s the way he told ‘em.

Fred and Rose

A powerful look at how the two of the most infamous Gloucester residents almost evaded capture.

Gazing at a Distant Star

"a hard-hitting piece"

Half Breed

An astounding solo performance that covers all sorts of prejudice and leaves you the better for it


A family tale that has a heart of gold rather than wood but plenty of mileage to get through which will soften yours.


An enthusiastic and youthful rendering of a dystopian future which is challenged by rebellion.

How to Act

Dramatic play with humour - entertaining, engrossing, well acted, written and directed. Wow!

Jason and the Argonauts

An impressive modern take on the legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece with contemporary power and focus.

Like Blood From A Cheap Cigar

Tense and funny two-hander about a dysfunctional couple

Meeting at 33

An immersive meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with truth, dignity and power in the performance


A terrifying confrontation, set on a beach in Brazil in 1979, but really in all of our memories of a time that seems to be closer than we think.


Brave, honest autobiographical piece about mental health

Mia: Daughters of Fortune

A poignant and heart wrenching indictment of “caring” for, rather than with, the learning disabled who wish to be parents

Mies Julie

Provocative, entertaining drama - riveting!

Not I

Punctures the reverence that surrounds Beckett’s classic

Ouija: The Musical

A terrifying night in a Welsh village hall.

Out of Love

An exceptionally well structured tale of friendship and love between friends which is tested constantly

Out of the Bad

A touching tale of the morning after the night before, commemorating 103 days of yesteryear that thankfully avoids nostalgia but still make us think of the past


A black comedic dramatic trip back to the 60’s where films were made and sex was cheap with a couple of gangsters who are just a pony short of the full shilling.


"a glorious beast of collective performance - comedy, music, drama and dialogue"

Pike St.

Vulnerable and triumphant: theatre at its very heart


A one woman show, that takes us through the disgrace and grace of a silent film star, long gone but revived for us here in an engaging performance


Absorbing and masterful storytelling; a poignant coming to terms with loss

Shell Shock

And astounding performance in both a measured and frantic performance that brings PTSD from Tommy's living room into your conscience.


A highly effective retelling of the loss of arguably China’s greatest 20th Century writer thanks to the persecution he suffered at the hands of his own government.


Powerful insights into the world of eating disorders

The Edelweiss Pirates

A very theatrical and competent account of a highly brave movement in counter activities to the Hitler Youth that ended tragically for some of their number.

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

Poignant reminder that showbiz is not all glam and glitter

The Last Queen of Scotland

A largely one woman show that manages to effectively tell the tale of how the Ugandan Asians, thrown out of their country ended up in the UK through the eyes of one of the children who came across and ended up in Dundee, like…

The Principle of Uncertainty

A lesson in science that turns into a lesson in life.

The Recovery Version

Hogmanay in the Highlands. A time for whisky and home truths

The Tale of the Cockatrice

A superior piece of children’s theatre that tells an ancient tale with plenty of new tricks.

The Testament of Mary

A powerful and challenging reimagining of a story you thought you knew.

Tinder Tales

Social Media stories well told episodically as a warning and celebration of liberation


Excellent acting, entertaining comedic physical theatre!

Translunar Paradise

Excellent, well performed, creative and very moving!

Whore: A Kid’sPlay

An episodic trip through what your mom is from the perspective of children and young people who find adulthood a scary place.


Powerful one woman show, with strong writing.