Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018


A one woman powerhouse!

A Generous Lover

A masterclass in solo work

A Joke

A joyful leap into the unknown. These incredible performers take you on masterclass of japery.

Bite-Size Plays Presents: Neverwant

Where Do We Find Humanity In A World Without Emotion?

Definition of Man

A philosophical tour de force,  a physical concerto, a confessional, nostalgic memorial to humanity, ruminating on past love and the promise of each other


A Fascinating Portrayal of the Lost Women of the Beatnik Era


A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Interesting choreography, very well danced to a variety of music.

Gie’s Peace

Inspiring Stories of Courageous Women - An Exploration of War Through Storytelling and Music


A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

Medea Electronica

A wild and imaginative musical retelling of an ancient Greek tragedy

Old Boy

Another winner from the Made in Scotland Showcase at this year’s Fringe.

Passionate Machine

Time travel, Russian poetry, a PhD, a single Mum, quantum physics, a Rocky montage. Fun, moving and brilliant.


Effervescent and didactic at a pace

Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.

Taiwan Season: Bon 4 Bon

Fascinating story told through inspired choreography!

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart

Mesmerizing, this is fine work, fine dance, fine visual storytelling!


A graduate showcase of physical and absurdist theatre exploring grief and letting go.

The Approach

Three women. Three lives. Three conversations spanning half a decade. Woven and connected and Isolated and reconnected.

The Fishermen

A Traumatic But Transformational Fight For Life, Freedom, and Understanding

Thrown by Jodi Gray

Dreamlike and Sureal Creation


Creative and moving - performed with excellent dance quality.