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Edinburgh Fringe 2018


A one woman powerhouse!


A celebration of friendship and Hibs' 2016 Scottish Cup victory

A Joke

A joyful leap into the unknown. These incredible performers take you on masterclass of japery.

A Life On The Silk Road

An Epic and Unique Journey Through Dance, Music, Puppetry, and Physical Theatre

A Necessary Woman

A Quietly Powerful and Eerily Current Production


Fusing dance, physical theatre, prose, and raw, dynamic acting Ewan Downie breathes new life into the ages old tale.

Adam Smith : The Invisible Hand

Intriguing historical drama covering the life of Adam Smith

All Change

A delightful and bittersweet comedy that will tug your heart strings.

Alma, A Human Voice

Clever creation that needs a little glitter!

And Before I Forget That I Love, I Love You

A moving hour immersed in a powerful story

Bite-Size Plays Presents: Neverwant

Where Do We Find Humanity In A World Without Emotion?


Well written and acted contemporary play about 20 somethings is relatable, informative, entertaining and pulls on the heart-strings, the best kind of theatre!

Departure Date

Death farce that delivers some of the drama some of the time

Early Birds

A new play by Marks and Gran about their tv series "Birds Of A Feather"


A Fascinating Portrayal of the Lost Women of the Beatnik Era


A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.


A fascinating adaptation of a novel of its time, presented in a concept of its time but in a timeless fashion for a modern audience.


A true story told with skill, passion and tremendous attention to detail (you'll get the shivers)

Female Transport

A tale of transport to the colonies with punishment, exploitation and solidarity at the heart of a straightforward tale, told in an intimate setting.


A square set of love stories that ends with a worthy examination of the meaning of love and acceptance.

Grace Notes

Thoughtful and compelling storytelling


Heart-breaking, darkly comic and beautifully performed


A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

In Loyal Company

A Traumatic But Necessary Reminder Of The Heroes The War Leaves Behind

Istanbul: You’ll Never Walk alone

An iconic night of football told from three perspectives in an enthralling a tale as the one played out in Turkey

It’s Not a Sprint

Engaging performer in a solo play about Thirty-something life choices


A funny drama based on what happens when a Dead Ringer Cher double act falls on hard times.


An original musical with promise and vitality which nearly gets it spot on.

Losing my mindfulness

Exploring the secrets behind our public faces

Narcissist in the Mirror

Razor sharp writing and performance. If you’re going to see one play about millenial anx, see this one.


Creative physical theatre and poetic character!

Playhouse Creatures

Topical feminist drama from the 17th century

Queens of Sheba

Inspiring, energetic, committed

Re: Production

An exceptionally well-crafted tale of how irony and IVF melt together but cannot break true love.

Roxy Likes Cats

An interesting drama centred around loss and how to confront it.


Fun, inclusive and feminist

South Bend

Highly articulate Scottish American crush that led to a transatlantic love affair that was crushed by the experience of following your dreams but finding a nightmare.


A powerful ode to friendship relationships, and the spaces between.

Square Go

Masculinity and absurdity with a swagger and a cheek tae talk so it is, thrown in wi yer ma and yer brother as we see a hilarious fight for the right tae … hide.

That Daring Australian Girl

This is an empathetic and heartfelt account of a life that has been, until now, ‘hidden from history.’

The Approach

Three women. Three lives. Three conversations spanning half a decade. Woven and connected and Isolated and reconnected.

The Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Equal parts ghost story, biography, gothic theatre, and poetry, The Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a funeral to which you should not be late.

The Famous Five

An Amazing Adventure for all the Family

The Fishermen

A Traumatic But Transformational Fight For Life, Freedom, and Understanding

The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign

The sadness of being ordinary

The Glass Menagerie

Youth theatre production of Tennessee Williams classic

The Marilyn Conspiracy

What really happened to Marilyn Monroe?

The Odyssey of Homer

A classic romp through a classic tale which shows enthusiasm and some flair.

The Turn of the Screw

A Contemporary Puppet-Assisted Twist on a Classic Tale

The Unknown Soldier

A poignant reminder of the aftermath of war and the unsung heroes it leaves behind.

The Way Out

An acoustic dystopian fantasy where the question becomes – is it right to unplug?

Trojan Horse

Compelling, devastating, uncompromising,

War With Newts

An enjoyable and thoughtful Sci Fi adventure.

Warhol: Bullet Karma

Sphinx Without a Secret


Gut-wrenching, dramatic telling of the events around the Black Panther movement and the killing of Michael Brown

Woodbine Willie: Poet and Padre

1,000,000 cigarettes: keeping alive the story of an extraordinary ordinary WWI hero

Your Alice

A trip down the Rabbit Hole like you've never seen.