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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

(Even) Hotter

A hilarious expose of what is hot, in your body, for your body and with other bodies.

A Joke

A joyful leap into the unknown. These incredible performers take you on masterclass of japery.


Highly innovative climate change narrative that draws you into a dramatic movement piece which then delivers a massive knock out blow.

Bite-Size Plays Presents: Neverwant

Where Do We Find Humanity In A World Without Emotion?

Casting Off

Three generations of women 'Cast Off' all stereotypes of what they can, should and be able to do.

Departure Date

Death farce that delivers some of the drama some of the time


Strong monologues from four actors that show their abilities to hold an audience and deliver a fine piece of writing that belies their age.


A fascinating adaptation of a novel of its time, presented in a concept of its time but in a timeless fashion for a modern audience.

Female Transport

A tale of transport to the colonies with punishment, exploitation and solidarity at the heart of a straightforward tale, told in an intimate setting.

Girl World

A devised exploration of what being a girl means and how to transition to womanhood.

Holy Moses

A charming retelling of the Moses story through two young people who may win the prize for show furthest travelled and certainly tell this tale with confidence.

Istanbul: You’ll Never Walk alone

An iconic night of football told from three perspectives in an enthralling a tale as the one played out in Turkey

I’ll Have What She’s Having

A hilarious run through womanhoodwinked in the 21st Century straight from two women who know from either side of the picketed fence.


A funny drama based on what happens when a Dead Ringer Cher double act falls on hard times.


An original musical with promise and vitality which nearly gets it spot on.

Mao That’s What I Call Music!

Des Kapital presents a strange brew of pop karaoke and Communist China

Meno Pause

A one woman’s personal exploration through the Menopause


Superior puppetry skills in a Carry On Care Home scenario

Playhouse Creatures

Topical feminist drama from the 17th century

Re: Production

An exceptionally well-crafted tale of how irony and IVF melt together but cannot break true love.


Three Women Convicted of Witch Craft Make Peace with Their Fates and Reveal How Little Has Changed

South Bend

Highly articulate Scottish American crush that led to a transatlantic love affair that was crushed by the experience of following your dreams but finding a nightmare.


A powerful ode to friendship relationships, and the spaces between.

The Famous Five

An Amazing Adventure for all the Family

The Way Out

An acoustic dystopian fantasy where the question becomes – is it right to unplug?


Innovative devised expose of the refugee crisis from young voices creatively telling age old tales